Demand Your State Rep. Mark Willis Stop Wasting Money & Start Fixing Roads

Your state representative Mark Willis is wasting your money.


When state legislators passed the largest gas tax hike in state history, they said they would fix our existing roads.


Look around … they lied.


We’re paying more at the pump, but roads all around Greenville and Laurens are still crumbling.


Right now, SCDOT has more than $850M (just from the new gas tax hike) wasting away in its bank account.


Remember, state legislators and the Governor control SCDOT.


They appoint and control SCDOT Commissioners.


They approve SCDOT’s budget.


But instead of working to fix roads in the district, your state representative Mark Willis used the secretive budget process to funnel $1 million to create an Interstate 85 Interchange “Justification Report”.



I’m not kidding.


The terrible wreck that occurred in Gaffney on I-85 last week is a prime example of what can happen when state legislators neglect their responsibility to make sure gas tax hike money is spent fixing our roads.


But for some reason, your state representative Mark Willis wants to waste your money on a worthless study “report”.


How exactly will your $1 million will be spent?


Who will be paid to complete the report? 


Why is this report necessary?


None of the answers to these questions can be found in the state budget.


Your state representative Mark Willis needs to stop funneling our money to useless earmarks and focus on fixing the roads.


Call him right now and tell him a simple message: “We don’t need to waste money on a worthless report. Fix the roads NOW!”


Ask him directly when the road you use to go to work, go to church, or take your kids or grandkids to school will finally be fixed.


Here’s his cell phone number: 864-862-6179


*Want to find out more about Mark including his voting record, who funds his campaign, and how he makes a living? Click here.


*Help FAN of SC spread the word about Mark Willis in the district. Click here.

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