Your State Rep. Brian White Voted to Restrict Your Gun Rights

The city of Anderson is about to join Charleston, Greenville and Columbia in BANNING open carry at public events.


These infringements will create a “patchwork” of gun laws across the state that could put law-abiding citizens and police officers in danger.


How did local politicians in Anderson get this new, unprecedented authority to restrict our 2nd Amendment rights?


Your state Representative Brian White.


Your state Representative Brian White voted for the new “Open Carry with Permission Slip” (H.3094) law that went into effect on August 15th.


While state legislators only talk about the section of the law that legalizes “open carry” of a handgun…


…they’re very quiet about the other sections of the new law that RESTRICT your God-given right to self-defense.


State legislators added many of these infringements at the last-minute…and in some cases without a recorded vote.


Thanks to your state Representative Brian White, the new law includes infringements like:


  • Giving local politicians the power to ban “open carry” in their counties and towns (Section 8 of H.3094)
  • Mandating state courts share more of our personal information to SLED and the FBI for their criminal background database – including those NOT convicted of a crime (Section 10 of H.3094)


By voting for this bill, your state Representative Brian White also gave judges and politicians the ability to open carry anywhere they want. (Section 11 of H.3094).  I guess they wanted to make sure these unconstitutional restrictions only applied to us, not them.


And while many state legislators have claimed this new law makes our state a “2nd Amendment Sanctuary”, they’re not telling the truth.


When state legislators had the chance, they did NOT include penalties for government bureaucrats that try to limit our gun rights.


Your state Representative Brian White needs to hear from you.


Tell them to eliminate the infringements from this new law. 


Demand they pass a clean, strong “permit-less” carry.  No last-minute amendments.  No more unrecorded, “voice” votes.


We should never have to ask permission for a God-given right.


Here’s your state Rep. Brian White’s phone number: 864-717-2354


*Learn more about Brian White – how they vote, who funds their campaigns and more. Click here.


*Help FAN of SC spread the word about Brian White’s voting record. Click here.

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