Gun rights are under attack in South Carolina.


Just a few months ago, state legislators passed a "gun bill" that allows local cities and municipalities to restrict your right to keep and bear arms for the first time in state history.


Now, other dangerous gun control bills are being pushed in the State House.


One bill attempts to redefine "criminal" in order to restrict the gun rights of citizens convicted of petty crimes.


Another bill would make it a felony to share your state legislator's cell phone number.


If both of these bills pass, someone could have their gun rights stripped for years for simply sharing a politician's phone number.


It sounds like something from New York, Chicago or even the old Soviet Union...


... but it is happening right here in South Carolina.


How can state legislators (especially Republicans) get away with passing and pushing such blatant gun-grabbing legislation?


Because we see they are "Republicans" and assume they are on our side.


We don’t know who these politicians really are.


It’s hard to get a “full picture” of their work in the Statehouse.


And even if folks know their representative’s name or have met them a few times, they may not know important things about their politicians.


Important things like:


  • Does their voting record in the Statehouse represent your values?


  • Who donates to their re-election campaign?


  • How do they make a living?


  • What do they say to the media or at the Statehouse when you’re not watching?


If you don’t have the answers to those important questions about YOUR state legislators, it’s a major obstacle to holding them accountable.


Powerful, corrupt state legislators – from Corrupt Hugh Leatherman all the way down – have made a career hiding from the answers to those questions.


They thrive in darkness.


Over the last 10 months, FAN of SC has been working on a new tool for you to use that will give you a much better picture of exactly who your state politicians are.


We’re calling them “profiles”.


In two clicks on our website, you can see how your state representative and state Senator have voted on key bills.


Gun rights.  Corruption.  Tax hikes.  Abortion.


It’s all there.


FAN of SC has done all of the work compiling your state legislator’s voting records on those important issues...


...and put it into one convenient website specifically designed for you.


You can see who their funds their re-election campaigns.


Try to match the donations from lobbyists with your politician’s voting record.


Notice a pattern?


Do campaign contributions from big special interests influence their votes in Columbia?


You get to be the judge.


FAN of SC has also provided a link to their annual income disclosure forms – their “Statements of Economic Interest”.


Essentially these state politicians have to show us who pays them directly every year.


While they’re not required to disclose ALL of their income sources, it does allow you to get a good glimpse of how they earn a living.


Can you see any conflicts of interest? 


Is your state legislator funneling our money to benefit themselves or their family and business partners?


You know, state legislators like Corrupt Hugh Leatherman...Lyin’ Brian White...Murrell Smith...Todd Rutherford...Kirkman Finlay...Steven Long.


Let us know if you find your state politician using their elected office to personally profit.


We can update their profile and send it out to your neighbors in the area.


Finally, FAN of SC has listed some articles and links that involve your state legislator.


Many politicians say one thing to the mainstream media, but might say something very different to folks back home.


We’ve tried to compile as many examples of this as we could find in a short period of time.


If you know there is something missing, let me know. 


We can add it to your state legislator’s “profile” page.


A lot of other groups in this state do “legislative scorecards”.


Some of them are very helpful.


Some of them aren’t.


Some groups post these “scorecards” on their website so the politicians can use them in re-election commercials.


We’ve all seen those kind of commercials before:


“Senator X got a 90% rating from National Blowhard Association – he’s one of us!”


Many times the “scorecards” are simply a way for lobbyists to empower politicians (think about the Chamber of Commerce).


FAN of SC created these legislative profiles to empower YOU.


No other group in South Carolina could put all of this info about YOUR state legislator in one place.


Without your donations over the last several months, this NEVER would have been possible.


In fact, thanks to you, we’ve been able to hire someone that will only be focused on updating your legislator’s profile.


And when we do update it, you’ll be getting notifications from us.


To be clear, we have no intention of being “fair” to these politicians. 


They have millions of dollars at their disposal to spin “their side of the story”.


We’re not journalists.


We’re not debate moderators.


We’re South Carolinians on a mission:


  • We want our God-given, Constitutional rights restored and protected.


  • We want to root out corruption in the Statehouse.


If your politicians get in the way of those goals, it will be clear to you in their profile.


Again, our goal is to show you exactly who your state legislators are.


We’re not giving grades or scores.


We’re going to give you the truth in one convenient location, specifically tailored to you.


YOU get to decide if they’re representing your values in Columbia.


Or if they’re representing their own.


I hope this tool makes it easier for you to figure that out.




Two things...




Click HERE.


Enter your email address.


It’s that simple.


Take a look at your state representative and state Senator’s voting record on important issues.


Does anything surprise you?


Sneak a peek at their big donors.


Get a good view of their income disclosure reports.


Any conflicts of interest?


And click on some of the news articles where your state legislator is mentioned.


Have we missed something important?


Please don’t hesitate to email me: [email protected]


And just as important, share these profiles with friends, family and neighbors.


Many of them may not even know the name of their representatives in Columbia.


This is a great way to introduce them to who their politicians really are.


If they’re not on our email/text-line like you, it will take a few hours for a system to match them with their state legislator’s profile.




Building this tool was a HUGE project.


Updating and expanding it will take more money.


We’ve hired someone whose only job is to research and upload new information every day.


We hope to continue to add details to your state legislator’s donor list.


We want to dig into the details of how they make money.


And we eventually will be uploading videos of their speeches and interviews from the Statehouse floor.


ALL of this will be in one place and you can access anytime right on your phone or computer.


It will take hundreds of hours.


And it will cost a lot of money.


But if it works, it will empower citizens across the state.


Can you help us make these profiles a success?


Can you donate $5, $10, $25, $50, $100 or even $250?


Thanks to a VERY generous donor, your donation will be matched 2-1!


For every $1 you donate, a generous donor will donate $2 to FAN of SC.


I hate asking for money, but we could really use your help to make these legislator profiles a success.


We can only accomplish our goal to show folks who their politicians really are if enough folks use these tools.


Can you help today?


It will be matched twice.


Thanks for considering a donation.


If you need any assistance contacting your state politicians, don’t hesitate to call me.