Why Did Your State Senator Ross Turner Vote To Eliminate State Budget Transparency Law?

Your state Senator Ross Turner used the secretive state budget process this year to funnel $19 million to build a brand-new convention center and art museum downtown.


As part of the plan, politically-connected developers are “gifting” the land where the new convention center will be located.


In exchange for their “gift”, the politically-connected developers will maintain the right to build and profit from the land surrounding the new, taxpayer-funded convention center and art museum.


So why did Ross Turner lobby his corrupt leadership to funnel YOUR money to this Convention Center/art museum pet project?


It could be because one of the politically-connected developers who will profit from this taxpayer-funded scheme – Phil Hughes – is a major donor to Ross’ re-election campaign.


No wonder your state Senator Ross Turner voted to eliminate the state budget transparency law too…


…hiding scams with taxpayer money is A LOT easier when you don’t have to hold open meetings.


*Want to learn more about Ross, his voting record and campaign donors? Click here.


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  • Seth Powell
    published this page 2021-08-16 14:11:36 -0400