Tommy Pope's Voting Record 2021

Your state Representative Tommy Pope is attending a town hall meeting by the York County GOP on Monday (June 14th) at 6:30 PM.  The meeting will take place at Lifeway Church in York, SC.


For details about the Town Hall meeting with Tommy Pope, click HERE.


Here is a sample of how your state Representative Tommy Pope voted on several bills this year in the Statehouse.



Pope voted FOR H.3094 - “1/2 step forward, 2 steps back” on our God-given right to self-defense

What does the bill do?

  • “1/2 step forward”
    • Decriminalizes open carry of a handgun – as long as you have a permission slip (CWP)
  • “2 steps back”
    • Gives local governments authority to restrict your gun rights at public events
    • Drastically expands the amount of information that the state reports to the FBI gun database
  • “2nd Amendment Sanctuary” in name only
    • NO criminal enforcement or penalties for government bureaucrats that violate our 2A rights


Pope voted to KILL H.3096

What does the bill do?

  • Restores your gun rights by making the government permission slip (CWP) optional instead of mandatory


Pope co-sponsored H.3570 (unAmerican “red flag” gun confiscation bill) with liberal Democrat Ivory Thigpen

*After immense pressure from his bosses (you) back home, Pope dropped his co-sponsorship

What does the bill do?

  • Allows the government to confiscate your guns without due process – a violation of both your 2nd and 4th Amendment rights



Pope voted FOR H.3605

What does the bill do?

  • Eliminates the state budget transparency law that forces the budget writing politicians to hold “joint, open” meetings in public
  • Makes it more difficult for citizens to stop legislator’s corrupt money laundering schemes



Pope voted FOR H.3948

What does the bill do?

  • Changes state law to allow counties to pass an additional sales tax referendum



Pope voted FOR H.3786

What does the bill do?

  • Allows powerful state legislators (Leatherman and Smith) to jack up salaries for the Attorney General, Comptroller, Treasurer, Secretary of State and Secretary of Education



What does the bill do?

  • Makes it a felony – with up to five years in prison – to share a state politicians’ cell phone number or personal email address
  • If Pope’s bill passes, you could lose your voting rights, gun rights, and free speech rights simply for trying to contact your politicians



*Help FAN of SC spread the word about Tommy Pope's voting record. Click here.

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