Why Isn't Tom Davis Testifying Against Electricity Rate Hike?

Tom Davis (R - Beaufort)


Two years ago your state senator Tom Davis spoke out against Dominion Energy's proposal to buyout SCE&G.

In a newspaper editorial, he wrote: "ratepayers should contact their state representatives and senators to insist that they advocate on their behalf for a better deal." (see below)

A few months ago, Dominion Energy requested an 8% rate hike.  Dominion also asked for the ability to shut off your power if they view you as a "threat" to the company (even though they never defined what a "threat might be).

The Public Service Commission (PSC) will hold a hearing for Dominion's rate hike request next week (January 5th and 7th).

It's time for Tom to walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

Remember, as a state senator, Tom appoints PSC Commissioners - the bureaucrats who determine how much we pay for electricity every month.  Those PSC bureaucrats rely on Tom's vote for their $100,000 annual salaries.

Tell Tom Davis to attend the PSC hearing next week and demand his appointees to STOP Dominion's rate hike.  State law enables him to represent you at the PSC hearing. (SC Code: 58-3-142) 

His testimony could kill the unnecessary electricity rate hike and protect you from this property rights threat.

Click this link to send Tom Davis a message: "I want you to testify against Dominion Energy's rate hike!"

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