They Want Tolls

Back in April, I told you about how state Senator Corrupt Hugh Leatherman quietly snuck a provision into the state budget to put tolls on Interstate 95.


The proposal would’ve built 4 New Jersey Turnpike-styled toll booths on I-95 and charge us $2 at each one.



Corrupt Hugh Leatherman said he needed even more of our money to “fix the roads”.


Sadly, Republicans AND Democrats both voted for the tolls in the Senate version of the state budget.


We heard that “fix the roads” lie a couple years ago when our legislators in Columbia jammed through the largest gas tax hike in state history.


Remember, that was supposed to “fix the roads” too.  (More on that in a minute.)


Thankfully, researchers at the South Carolina Policy Council caught the New Jersey-styled toll plan before they could take a final vote on the state budget in the Spring.


They also found a bill to make ALL state roads eligible to become toll roads!


Within hours of us getting the word out, thousands of you demanded your state politicians kill the toll plan.


Once again, the pressure worked and you forced Corrupt Hugh Leatherman to kill his own plan.


But like a Rattlesnake that just won’t die after you beat it over the head with a shovel, neither will Leatherman’s stupid toll idea.


Behind closed doors this summer while the legislature was out of session, Corrupt Hugh Leatherman quietly formed a Blue Ribbon committee with other state legislators to “study” interstate congestion...


...and by “study”, he means finding more ways to take more of your money.


One of Leatherman’s goons on the new Blue Ribbon study committee is state Senator Chauncey Gregory (RINO-Lancaster).


If you’ll recall, Chauncey Gregory was the elitist politician who proposed banning rifles last month.


Chauncey declared this week that: “The fuel tax isn’t enough of an increase...We’re going to need to come up with other forms of funding..."


You read that right.


The billions (with a “b”) that will come in from the new gas tax hike law isn’t enough for Corrupt Hugh Leatherman.


The higher taxes at the pump isn’t enough.


The higher vehicle registration fee isn’t enough.


The higher tax rate we pay on car sales isn’t enough.


The higher driver’s license renewal fee isn’t enough.


However, when you own a concrete company that gets SCDOT contracts like Corrupt Hugh Leatherman, it’s never enough.


The man makes millions on our backs.


It’s no surprise he wants more funding.


Never mind the state politicians aren’t fixing the roads with the extra money we’ve already given them.


Never mind that almost $500 million rotting away in SCDOT’s bank account.


Never mind that SCDOT has only completed 16% of their identified projects.


Corrupt Hugh Leatherman wants more of your money.


Here’s what they want to pass:


  • New Jersey Turnpike-styled toll roads all over the state.


  • Local sales tax hikes.


  • And adding even more debt on our backs that we’ll have to pay back with interest.


In addition to Corrupt Hugh Leatherman padding his own pockets with these proposals...


...he wants to find a way to funnel more money to his pet projects.


Leatherman thought he could do that with the gas tax hike.


He thought he could funnel to his slush fund – the State Infrastructure Bank (SIB) – to finance pet projects.


It’s why he changed the law to call the gas tax a “fee”.


But we sniffed him out.


You’ve blocked him, for the most part, from funneling our gas tax $$$ by holding your state legislators accountable for that money.


So now Corrupt Hugh Leatherman has concocted a new plan.


This time it’s New Jersey-style tolls, local sales tax hikes and more debt.


His Blue Ribbon committee meets on October 16th at 9am.


Once again, it’s up to us stop Leatherman’s plan.





Two things:


  1. Click here to send a message to your state legislators AND the Governor: “Stop trying to turn our state into New Jersey. No tolls. No more tax hikes.  And no more debt!”


Demand they kill ANY PLAN that comes from Corrupt Hugh Leatherman’s Blue Ribbon “study” committee.


Tell them to kill the toll plan and focus on fixing our roads!


Remember, they work for us.


These politicians are our EMPLOYEES.


 2. If you haven’t already, follow us on Facebook.


Make sure you click “See First” when you follow us so you get the most up-to-date posts.



We’re paying close attention to Leatherman’s Blue Ribbon committee.


If there’s any movement or any of his goons like Chauncey Gregory speak out, we’ll let you know immediately.


If you need help holding your politicians accountable, don’t hesitate to contact me!


For Freedom,

Dave Schwartz

President, Freedom Action Network of South Carolina



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  • Ross Livingston Jr
    commented 2019-10-01 21:19:53 -0400
    what do you expect from Leatherman…a former Democrat posing as a RINO…worthless and corrupt…never met a tax he did not like
  • Joe West
    commented 2019-10-01 10:16:30 -0400
    We need to stop Henry McTaxter also.
    Both need to go! Call in the Feds and investigate!
  • Judith Camp
    commented 2019-10-01 10:06:45 -0400
    We need to get RID of Hugh Letterman. He is a huge part of the South Carolina SWAMP!