Demand Your State Rep. Sylleste Davis Pass Permit-Less Carry

For the sixth year in a row, state legislators are trying to kill any chance of passing permit-less carry and restoring your gun rights.


You should NOT have to ask permission for a God-given right.


However, the liberal leadership in Columbia said that if rank-and-file members (like your state legislator) support “permit-less” carry, they’ll block ALL attempts to restore our God-given rights.


Can you believe that?


Speaker of the House “Liberal” Jay Lucas’ wants to push a weak, “watered-down” bill. 


Crazy, gun-grabbing Democrats control DC.  But with a super-majority of Republicans in the Statehouse, NOW is the time to demand they pass sweeping restorations of our 2nd Amendment rights.  We may never have this opportunity again.


Will your state Rep. Sylleste Davis side with you and the 2nd Amendment…


…or with her liberal leadership in Columbia?


Sylleste Davis needs to hear from you right now.


Speaker of the House “Liberal” Jay Lucas and his minions are going to pressure your state representative to cave and support their weak, “watered-down” bill: open carry – with TRAINING.


The liberal leadership in the Statehouse wants to determine how you can defend yourself in public. 


Don’t let them get away with that!


Tell Sylleste Davis you shouldn’t have to ask politicians, especially her liberal Leadership, for permission to exercise a God-given right.


Tell her to do whatever it takes to pass permit-less carry. No excuses.


Here’s her phone number: 843-729-9243


*Help us empower other conservatives to pressure Sylleste Davis on gun rights. Donate here

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  • Seth Powell
    published this page 2021-03-01 12:55:32 -0500