The Liberal Leadership is trying to lobby your state representative Stewart Jones to vote against your 2A rights right now

A weak, "watered-down" gun rights bill pushed by the liberal leadership is up for debate on the House floor this afternoon. 

Their weak, “watered-down” bill still requires you to ask them permission for your God-given right to self-defense.

However, the weak, “watered-down” bill can be amended so that permits are OPTIONAL – not MANDATORY.

Your state representative needs to hear from you NOW.

Their liberal leaders are trying to kill the “permit-less” carry amendment.

Here's their cell phone number: 803-250-1135

Keep the pressure on them right NOW.

If you want, you can copy and paste our sample text below or write one of your own. 

I know you’re getting pressured by your liberal leadership. I live in your district and want you to introduce a permit-less carry amendment to the weak, watered-down gun rights bill and vote for passage today. I should never have to ask permission for a God-given right.  I am following this very closely. 

If you write your own message, be sure to let them know you live in their district.

After you've texted and/or called your state representative, join us and other pro-2A South Carolinians to watch the debate on our livestream with commentary from FAN of SC.

When the debate starts, we’ll go live on our Facebook page. Follow our page here. 

*Help us empower other gun rights supporters by donating to FAN of SC right now. Click here.

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  • Seth Powell
    published this page 2021-03-10 13:49:02 -0500