Demand Your State Sen. Katrina Shealy Pass "Permit-Less" Carry Immediately

Our gun rights have never been threatened like they are right now. 


Biden, Pelosi and company have been pushing gun control in Washington.


A few weeks ago, thanks to your pressure on YOUR state representative, the House was forced to pass a “permit-less” carry bill to RESTORE our God-given right to self-defense.


This bill would restore our 2nd Amendment right by making the permission slip to carry OPTIONAL instead of mandatory.  It would also decriminalize open carry of a handgun. 


Gov. Henry McMaster publicly declared he would sign “permit-less” carry into law if the bill got to his desk. 


Nearly 20 other states are “permit-less” carry states, including Maine, Arizona and Tennessee.


What’s the only thing left standing in the way of your gun rights being restored and protected?


Possibly your state Senator Katrina Shealy.


Katrina Shealy needs to hear from you right now.


Call and/or text Katrina Shealy at 803-530-8787 and tell her to do whatever it takes to pass “permit-less” carry immediately.


Simply supporting or co-sponsoring the “permit-less” carry bill is NOT good enough.  She needs to confront her own party leadership to get “permit-less” carry out of committee and passed BEFORE the end of the legislative session in May. 


Ask Katrina Shealy EXACTLY what her plan is to get “permit-less” carry passed.  Which one of her leaders is she going to personally pressure to get “permit-less” carry prioritized and passed BEFORE the end of this year’s session? 


Thanks to President Trump’s coattails, the Republicans now have a 30-16 super-majority in the state Senate.


With all the threats coming from Biden and Pelosi in DC, now is the time for a sweeping restoration of our gun rights in South Carolina.


No more delays.


No more excuses.


Tell your state Senator Katrina Shealy that passing “permit-less” carry needs to be her top priority.


Here’s her phone number: 803-530-8787

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