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On Monday, Spartanburg state legislators held their quarterly townhall meeting.


For those of you that were there, two things happened that should never happen again:


1. Many Spartanburg citizens could not see their state legislators and were forced to stand out in the hallway because of the politicians' Covid-19 safety protocols.


2. Near the end of the meeting, state legislators called for “Executive Session” to interview candidates (including state Sen. Scott Talley's law firm partner) for the county’s Master-in-Equity judgeship and kicked everyone out of the room for hours.


That’s not right and it shouldn’t be legal.


Whether it is taxes, roads, or key appointments to powerful positions, when state legislators meet to discuss issues that will affect us, we have a right to attend.


State Sen. Shane Martin is the Chairman of the Legislative Delegation and he needs to hear from you today.


1. The meeting needs to be moved to a bigger venue so that anyone who wants to attend can do so safely - just like state legislators in Greenville and Anderson did. They could move it to Memorial Auditorium or even the Convention Center.


2. When state legislators are interviewing judges, commissioners, or any other appointees, we need to be allowed in the room.


Here’s Shane's phone number: 864-804-8499

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