He Took Cash Bribe$

In January, we found out that John Hardee agreed to plead guilty in court for destroying evidence in a federal investigation.


Up until this week, details surrounding his plea deal were kept secret.


On Monday that all changed...


...the feds announced that Hardee took cash bribes from road contractors while he was a powerful SCDOT Commissioner.


If the name John Hardee rings a bell, there’s a reason:


  • Hardee is the son-in-law of state Senator Corrupt Hugh Leatherman – the most powerful politician in the state.


  • Leatherman put Hardee on the powerful SCDOT Commission where he decided how to funnel our gas tax $$$


  • While on the Commission, Hardee was a lobbyist for the company that received an exclusive, multi-million dollar contract with SCDOT to maintain the “blue exit signs” on SC highways


  • Also while at SCDOT, Hardee master-minded an illegal kickback scheme that funneled taxpayer money to political candidates, pet projects and even himself


  • Thanks to thousands of emails and phone calls from you, Gov. McMaster was forced to fire him from SCDOT last year.


Sadly, the FBI says they couldn’t “prove” that he doled out specific contracts in exchange for the cash bribes...


...but they did video record Hardee instructing a contractor who bribed him to destroy evidence...


...and that’s why he will be a convicted felon for the rest of his life.


Hardee and his father-in-law Corrupt Hugh Leatherman are the poster children of corruption in our state.


Despite the largest gas tax hike in state history, this corruption is the biggest reason our roads are STILL crumbling.


Instead of repairing our dangerous roads and bridges, Leatherman and Hardee were busy funneling our gas tax dollars to projects that benefitted them, not us.


Hardee was literally taking bribes from road contractors.


Will he go to jail for a federal felony charge of obstructing justice?


Probably not.


But we do know without your pressure, your emails, your phone calls, your texts and sharing calls to action on social media, Hardee would still be laundering our gas tax money.


If it wasn’t for your activism, he would still be making big money off bribes and kickbacks at the SCDOT.


Nobody, including law enforcement, even knew who John Hardee was until a few years ago when investigators at The Nerve exposed his “blue sign” contract.




...if you’re like me, and want to see these corrupt dirtbags prosecuted to the fullest extent, we have one more chance...


South Carolina state law is clear.


Government officials can’t use their position of power for personal profit.


By accepting cash bribes, Hardee clearly broke state laws.


It’s time for Attorney General Alan Wilson TO DO HIS JOB!


While the Feds have gone after Hardee for federal crimes, Wilson and the State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) have done nothing to go after corrupt politicians for potential state crimes.


They should be embarrassed.


Corruption around SCDOT – like the schemes of Soon-To-Be-Criminal John Hardee – still runs rampant.


Corruption inside the Statehouse - like the exploits of Corrupt Hugh Leatherman – still goes on behind-the-scenes every day.


All of this is happening right under their nose...


...yet they haven’t done anything.


We’ve pressured Alan Wilson to start investigations before...


...but unfortunately he dropped the ball.


Remember, five years ago, he handed off the prosecution of disgraced former Speaker of the House Criminal Bobby Harrell to a useless local Solicitor.


Thanks to Alan’s spineless behavior, Criminal Bobby Harrell got a slap on the wrist for essentially embezzling campaign funds to finance his personal airplane.


Rooting out corruption is Wilson’s job.


He is the TOP prosecutor in the state. 


He just won re-election last year campaigning as a “law and order candidate”.


But he won’t


We have to force Alan Wilson to investigate corruption in the Statehouse.


He won’t do it without pressure from you and me...




Two things:


  1. Click here to tell Alan Wilson to open an investigation on John Hardee IMMEDIATELY.


The evidence is clear: Corrupt Hugh Leatherman’s son-in-law broke laws here in South Carolina.


He took cash bribes.


He used his office at SCDOT for personal profit.


Tell Alan NOT TO DROP THE BALL on Jon Hardee...


...start AND FINISH an investigation.


It’s time to bring these corrupt politicians and bureaucrats to justice!


 2. Help FAN of SC continue to expose and root out corruption in the Statehouse by donating $25, $50, $100 or even become a monthly donor.


We want to empower as many South Carolinians as we can.


However, it costs money to send text messages, create social media ads and advertise on conservative talk radio.


We’re a small grassroots organization that doesn’t receive a PENNY of government funds.


We depend on folks like you to fund our work.


Your generous donation of $50, $100 or even $250 will allow us to continue to expose Statehouse scumbags like Soon-To-Be-Criminal John Hardee and give citizens the tools to root them out.


If you need help sending a message to your state politicians, don’t hesitate to call me!


For Freedom,




Dave Schwartz

President, Freedom Action Network of South Carolina

(843) 990-3336