Why Did Your State Rep. Bill Sandifer Vote to Eliminate State Budget Transparency Law?

Every year a private, politically well-connected organization hosts a luxurious event in downtown Charleston called the “Wine + Food Festival”.


It costs well over $100 per ticket to drink fine wines, eat lavish foods and hob-knob with fellow elites.


Why am I telling you this?


Because you’re subsidizing it.


Several weeks ago, your state Rep. Bill Sandifer used the secretive budget process to send hundreds of thousands of dollars to subsidize one of Charleston’s most elite gatherings (SC Budget Section 118.18.77).


In my opinion, if out-of-state tourists and those in high society want to sip fine wine and rub elbows in the Charleston heat, they should do it on their own dime.


Heck, they didn’t even hold the Wine + Food Festival this year because of the Coronavirus.


So to cover the elite event organizer’s losses, your state representative Bill Sandifer voted to send them money.


How did they get away with this?


Because they write the state budget in secret.


They spend our money behind closed doors.


And they horse-trade pet projects with other politicians in the Statehouse.


In fact, your state representative Bill Sandifer voted for a pro-corruption bill (H.3605) that repealed the long-standing state budget transparency law.


That is unacceptable.


Your state representative Bill Sandifer needs to hear from you right now.


Call and/or text them and demand an answer to this question:


Why did you vote for the pro-corruption bill H.3605?  Why did you vote to repeal the state budget transparency law?


Demand your state representative Bill Sandifer stop using the secret budget process to steal our money for pet projects.


Here’s their phone number: 864-360-0607


*Find out more about Bill Sandifer – their voting record, who funds their campaign, and how they make a living. Click here.


*Help FAN of SC spread the word about Bill Sandifer’s voting record. Click here.

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