Demand Your State Senator Ronnie Sabb Make Powerful Appointments at Open Public Meetings

A new report shows how Horry County state legislators appoint powerful bureaucrats that:

  • Oversee our local elections
  • Decide what our kids get taught in school
  • Local and state judges


Read this:


The candidates for these powerful positions should be appointed at public, regularly scheduled meetings in Horry County so we can vet them and hold our legislators accountable for their job performance.


Sadly, Horry County state legislators refuse to do that.


Instead, they make these powerful appointments at secret meetings in Columbia or through private conversations and emails.


NO transparency.


NO public meetings.


NO vetting candidates.


NO accountability.



If you want take power back from these politicians, this secrecy needs to end.


One of the next appointments your state legislators will make is the Horry County Master-In-Equity judgeship.


Currently, disgraced former state Rep. Alan Clemmons has applied for this position which carries a $188,000/year salary plus pension and benefits.


Here are a few facts about Clemmons:

  • Clemmons was a state representative from Myrtle Beach for nearly two decades (2002-2020)



  • Former state Rep. Clemmons was a “yes-man” for the liberal leadership in Columbia: he voted for the largest gas tax hike in state history and against restoring your gun rights




 Will your state Senator Ronnie Sabb hold a public meeting where we can vet the candidates and see how they vote?


Or will your state Senator Ronnie Sabb appoint Alan Clemmons as a judge in secret?


Call and/or text him with a simple message:


“The appointment to fill the Master-In-Equity judgeship – and ALL other appointments – needs to be made at a public meeting in Horry that I can attend and vet all of the applicants. No more appointments made in secret!”


Please let us know how they responds.


Here’s your state Senator Ronnie Sabb’s phone number: 843-355-5349


*Want to know more about Ronnie Sabb’s voting record, who funds their campaigns, and how they makes a living? Click here.


*Help FAN of SC spread the word about Ronnie Sabb’s voting record. Click here.

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