Demand Your State Senator Rex Rice Hold Recorded Votes on Powerful Appointments at Meeting on Monday

Thanks to hundreds of you emailing, texting, and calling your state legislators, they finally agreed to hold a public Pickens County Legislative Delegation meeting on Monday, September 20th to appoint a new member to the Board of Elections


For years, Pickens County state legislators have refused to make these important appointments at public meetings.


Instead, legislators hand-picked their candidates over private emails with their fellow politicians.


The result?


A far-left, liberal activist was appointed to the Pickens County Board of Elections.


This is a far-left activist that lashed out at Pickens County citizens on social media when she received simple questions about our election process.



This kind of arrogance is what happens when our politicians make appointments behind closed doors over private email.


No public meetings.


No vetting candidates.


No accountability.


And it could happen again on Monday if you don’t pressure your state legislators.


None of the state legislators from Pickens have guaranteed the appointment will be made on Monday.  And they haven’t guaranteed their votes will be recorded.


That is unacceptable and defeats the purpose of having the meeting. 


This is a classic trick used by politicians: hold a “public meeting”…but then take a secret, unrecorded vote later when no one is watching.


To add insult to injury, they’re NOT allowing us to speak at this meeting.


Pickens County citizens should ALWAYS have a chance to speak at a public meeting.


They still want to keep you at arms-length from this important process.


Your state Senator Rex Rice (the Chairman of the Pickens County Legislative Delegation) needs to hear from you today.


It’s time to double-down.


Call and/or text Rex Rice and demand THREE actions from your state legislators:

  1. Hold the meeting in the evening (instead of 12:30), when most working folks can attend
  2. Allow Pickens County citizens to speak and vet the candidates at the meeting
  3. Record your votes in public at the meeting so I can see exactly who you voted to appoint


Here’s his phone number: 864-884-0408


*Plan to attend the meeting on Monday, September 20? Click here to RSVP.


*Want to know Rex Rice’s voting record, how he makes a living, who funds his campaign, etc.? Click here.


*Help FAN of SC spread the word about Rex Rice’s voting record and upcoming Delegation meetings. Click here.

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