• New research shows how South Carolina legislators have the most power of any state politicians in America


  • Bureaucrats that oversee local schools, elections and all state judges are appointed & controlled by your state legislators


  • Important appointments made in secret, behind closed doors meetings or over private emails


  • CLICK HERE to demand your state legislators hold Legislative Delegation meetings in your county where the public can attend and vet candidates


A few weeks ago my daughter came home from school with a list of books she was encouraged to read in her 4th grade classroom.


One of the books was titled “Enough: 20+ protesters who changed America”.




Don’t get me wrong…I love protesters. 


Rosa Parks made America a better place because of her bravery.  So did Samuel Adams, Jackie Robinson and Harriet Tubman.


I love that the Founders enshrined our God-given right to free speech in the Constitution.


Even if the government doesn’t like what we have to say, we have a right to say it.


But glorifying Colin Kaepernick, a self-righteous, below average NFL player-turned-protester, is absurd.


Who decides what textbooks our children are given in our neighborhood schools?


At first, I thought it was the Superintendent of Education Molly Spearman – a statewide elected official.


Then I thought it might be our local school board.


But a report produced this summer by the South Carolina Policy Council shows that bureaucrats at the State Board of Education are responsible for approving all “textbooks and other education materials”.


That’s a lot of power.


And who appoints these bureaucrats to the State Board of Education?


Your state legislators.


16 of the 17 state Board of Education members are appointed and controlled by state legislators.


Those legislator-appointed bureaucrats determine what textbooks and “materials” our kids are using in our state’s public schools.


But that’s not all…


…the new report published last week by researchers at the SC Policy Council shows that our state legislators have more power than any other politicians in America.


“Legislative Delegations” are government entities made up of every state legislator that represents part of your county.


Most folks have never even heard of “Legislative Delegations”, let alone the power they wield behind the scenes.


Let me show you what I mean…


“Legislative Delegations” don’t just help appoint the state Board of Education.


Here are some other powerful panels your state legislators help appoint and control as a member of your county’s “Legislative Delegation”:


  • Majority of the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) Commission
  • your county’s Board of Elections
  • your County Transportation Committee (CTC) – a board of bureaucrats that oversee repairs to local roads
  • your county’s Foster Care Review board
  • your county’s airport authority


As part of the “Legislative Delegation” your state legislators also help appoint certain state judges.


Master-in-equity judges decide real estate disputes (more on that in a minute).


All Master-in-Equity nominees must be approved by your state legislators as a member of your county’s “Legislative Delegation”.


Magistrate judges decide criminal cases under $500 and civil cases under $7,500.


All Magistrate judges are hand-picked by your state Senators as members of your county’s “Legislative Delegation”.


The result of all this power in so few hands has been disastrous for us.


Despite state politicians taking more of our money than they can count:


  • our roads are still crumbling
  • our public schools are still failing our kids
  • and corruption still runs rampant


So how do they get away with having all this?


Many times state legislators make these appointments in secret.


State legislators from Spartanburg recently appointed a new master-in-equity judge for the county.


The nominee for the judgeship was the law firm partner of Spartanburg state Senator Scott Talley.


What kind of law does Talley practice?


You guessed it, real estate law.



When state Senator Scott Talley was asked if he would still defend clients in his former employee’s courtroom...


...he replied: “I think the law allows that.”


Think about that for a minute.


How many new clients will Scott Talley gain because of his connection to the new judge?


He could make a fortune with the appointment of his law firm partner as judge.


Did Talley and his fellow legislators on the Spartanburg County Legislative Delegation make this appointment at a public meeting?




Did they appoint Talley’s law firm partner at a convenient time and location in Spartanburg County so citizens could vet the candidate and see how each one of their politicians voted?


Not a chance.


They did it in secret.


They quietly and quickly appointed Talley’s law firm partner at a conference room in the Statehouse on a weekday morning.


NO transparency.


NO candidate vetting.


NO way for the public to see how they voted.


And state Senator Scott Talley didn’t even bother to recuse himself – he proudly voted for her.


This is what corruption looks like right in your own backyard.


This kind of crooked behavior happens in every county.


This is how our politicians use the “Legislative Delegation” power to get rich on our backs.


A similar incident happened in Pickens County last year.


State legislators on the Pickens County “Legislative Delegation” secretly appointed a far-left liberal to the Board of Elections in 2020.


Lillian Boatwright is now the Secretary of the Pickens County Board of Elections.


She had no experience for this role – except for “being active in voter advocacy”.


The County Legislative Delegation is made up of 6 Republicans.


How did a social justice activist like Boatwright get appointed to such an important and powerful board?


State legislators appointed her without any public meeting.


What were her qualifications?


Who vetted her appointment?


We don’t know.


It was done quietly and secretly.


In fact, Pickens state Senator Rex Rice admitted to a group of citizens that they make these appointments “over email.”


You read that correctly.


State politicians are making important public appointments over private email exchanges with each other.


  • NO public meetings.


  • NO vetting of candidates.


  • Secret meetings behind closed doors (or over private emails).


Watchdogs in Pickens County fed up with this secrecy pressured their state legislators to hold a public “Legislative Delegation” meeting.


Citizens demanded to see who their state representatives appoint to these powerful positions.


After months of pressure – emails, phone calls and face-to-face meetings with politicians – state legislators in Pickens finally held their first “Legislative Delegation” meeting where they appointed a new member to the Board of Elections.


Is this kind of corruption happening in your county?


If it is, the only way to stop it is by forcing them to be open and transparent.


Sunshine is always the best disinfectant.




Several things...




If your politicians are forced to hold meetings in your county and appoint these powerful bureaucrats in public then we can hold them accountable.


More sunshine = less corruption.


Demand transparency from your state legislators.


Tell them they need to fill these positions in public at a regularly scheduled meeting in the county so you can attend.


No more secret meetings.


No more appointments over private email.


No more corruption.


As always, I gave you a pre-written email that will go directly to your state representative and state Senator. 


However, I highly encourage you to edit the email and make it more personal.


Your personalized, passionate message will have more impact.


Simply click on the link and edit the email how you see fit. 


No threats or foul language.  It just needs to be clear that you want them to make these powerful appointments at public “Legislative Delegation” meetings in your county. 




How do they vote in Columbia?


Do you know who funds their campaign?


How does your legislator make a living?


Do they have conflicts of interest?


We’ve compiled all of this information and created “profiles” on YOUR state legislators.  It’s personalized on one website just for YOU.


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We plan on updating these profiles every day, so be sure to check back for new information.


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