What we really want

Every day I speak with folks across the state frustrated by what’s going on in our country and our state.


Although the topics might be different on any given day Constitutional rights, corruption, roads...


...we ALL want the same thing.


We want our power back.


Power that was given to us by God, enshrined in the US Constitution, but stolen from us by our criminal politicians.


We want politicians to represent us, not rule over us.


We want politicians to start acting like our employees, not our bosses.


We DON’T need politicians to “create jobs” for us.


We DON’T need them to tell us what to do.


If the politicians just stuck to their oath of office – defending our Constitutional rights – we’d be a lot better off.


So how do we do it?


How do we make them listen?


How do we make the politicians – in BOTH parties – represent us?


The answer is simple, but hard.


Create an environment where they fear us back home more than they fear their liberal leadership in Columbia.


What does that look like?


Every time they try screw us in the Statehouse – and I mean every single time – they get individual, DIRECT pressure from you.


It could be an email.


It could be a phone call.


It could be talking to them at a town hall meeting.


Heck, it could be a face-to-face encounter at the grocery store.


When they try to mess with our Constitutional rights, they have to hear from us back home.


When they secretly vote to launder our money in the state budget, they have to hear from us back home.


If our state politicians even receive a tenth of the same treatment that Lindsey Graham did in this video...



...I promise you, they’ll start listening to us instead of the lobbyists and their corrupt leaders in the Statehouse.


I am – and have been - sick and tired of getting trampled on by the criminals in Columbia.


It’s why I started Freedom Action Network of South Carolina (FAN of SC) over four years ago.


As individuals who care about our state and country, we face so many obstacles to get our politicians to do what we want.


Obstacles such as:


  • We’re busy and don’t have time to pressure our politicians
  • We don’t think our “one voice” matters
  • Talking to our politicians can be daunting and intimidating


The biggest obstacle of all: many of us don’t even know who our state politicians are, let alone how they behave in Columbia.


It’s not our fault.


They hide from us.


They draw their own district lines.


They’re experts at inventing “reasonable-sounding” excuses.


The politicians have intentionally setup these obstacles to shut us out and shut us down.


They would love for us to “check out” and let them handle everything.


Needless to say...it’s why we have a mess on our hands.


Our mission at FAN of SC is to knock down all of those obstacles that politicians have put in the way of getting to them.


We want to give you the tools to directly confront the people that lie to you every election.


I saw how many folks didn’t know who represented them in Columbia, nor did they know how to get a hold of them quickly.


It’s why we started the text line (52886).


In a couple of clicks, you could tell your state politicians how you want them to represent you in the Statehouse.


I saw how many folks felt the same way I did, but didn’t feel like their single voice mattered.


It’s why we started organizing citizens to attend legislative town hall meetings together.



And, over the last couple of years, I’ve noticed how another obstacle has hindered us from taking control of our government.


We don’t really know anything about the politicians that represent us in the Statehouse.


You might know their name.


You might know the name of their law firm.


You might even know that their Daddy was a politician before them.


But not much else.


Again...that’s normal.


But if you really want things to change, you need to have all the information about them right at your fingertips.


If you want to create an environment where your politicians fear you more than they fear their liberal leaders in Columbia, you need to know everything about them.


To me, this is the biggest obstacle we face.


It’s also the obstacle that our politicians work the hardest to keep in place.


They don’t want us to know anything about them...


...other than what they tell us.


They don’t want us to know how they vote on important issues.


They don’t want us to know which PACs and lobbyists are funding their re-election campaigns.


They don’t want us to know how they earn a living – especially if they have any conflicts of interest in the Statehouse.


And they definitely don’t want us to know what they say to the mainstream media when we’re not watching.


A lot of this information is public and available (except their taxpayer-funded emails...they’ve exempted themselves from the Freedom of Information Act)


FAN of SC’s latest project is to put all of that information onto one website – individually designed for you – that you can get right on your phone any time you need it.


We’re calling them “Profiles”.


To view your state politician’s profile, CLICK HERE.


We need to know EXACTLY who our state politicians are – how they vote in Columbia, what special interests fund their campaigns, what lobbyists give them gifts and how they make a living.


Your politicians won’t tell you this stuff.


They won’t talk about how their leader Corrupt Hugh Leatherman has gotten rich on our backs.



They won’t talk about how state legislators keep funneling money to pet projects instead of fixing our roads.


They won’t talk about how the liberal Republicans in the Statehouse killed our best chance in years to restore our gun rights.


But we will.


When there’s big vote on an important issue in Columbia, like our God-given right to self-defense...


...we’ll make sure you know about it BEFORE it happens so you can apply pressure.


And we’ll tell you how your legislator voted afterward.


When they report their quarterly campaign donations, we’ll send you an update on which PACs and lobbyists gave your politician the most donations.


When your state rep is quoted in the newspaper – and it goes against everything he promised on the campaign trail...we’re going to let you know ASAP.


Our goal with these “profiles” is to show you exactly who your politicians are and let you ratchet up the pressure.


You won’t have to just take the politician’s word for it anymore.


Now you have a tool to track how they behave in the Statehouse and debunk their lies.


I’ll be candid with you: building this website and gathering all of this information wasn’t cheap.  It took a tremendous amount of time and money.


Thanks to so many of your generous donations, we were able to launch this project.


But that’s just the beginning.


If we’re going to remove this obstacle – not knowing exactly who are politicians are – we have to update the “profiles”...every day.


Can you help us with a generous donation?


Politicians will say whatever it takes to get your money and your vote.


Other “conservative” groups want your money for some fuzzy goal that is hard to understand and ultimately benefits politicians.


FAN of SC is different.


Unlike the politicians and a lot of other organizations, we invest ALL of our time and money into empowering YOU.


We work to knock down the obstacles and give you the tools to take control of your government.


The text line.


Town hall meetings.


And now “profiles” of your state legislators that are tailor-made just for you any time you want them.




A couple things...




Do you know your state legislator’s voting record in the Statehouse?


Do you know who funds their campaign?


How does your legislator make a living?


Are there conflicts of interest?


We’ve compiled all of this information and created “profiles” on YOUR state legislators.  It’s personalized on one website just for YOU.


All you have to do is click here and enter your email address.


We plan on updating these profiles every day, so be sure to check back for new information.


Share these profiles with your friends and neighbors.


And if you know something about YOUR state legislators that we didn’t include, send me an email.




I hate asking for money, but we can’t do this without you.


Showing folks EXACTLY who their state politicians really are is a tall task.


But thanks to so many supporters, we’ve been able to get this project off the ground.


Now we need to get it to tens of thousands of South Carolinians so they can be empowered to straighten out their corrupt, lying politicians.


$5, $12, 35, $55, $100 or even $500 would be a huge help.


And we have a HUGE opportunity in the next few days...


...an extremely generous donor has offered to DOUBLE your donation before June 30th.


For every $1 you can donate, we will get a $2 match!


But we need it by Wednesday in order to get it.


Can you help?


Thank you so much for even considering a donation.


If you need any assistance contacting your state politicians, don’t hesitate to call me.



Dave Schwartz

President, Freedom Action Network of South Carolina

(843) 990-3336 - cell

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  • Charles Wood
    commented 2021-06-28 14:33:49 -0400
    Thank you for your service and this tremendous opportunity to make them work for us! Hopefully, it will be motivation to get good people to replace the corrupt, dead weight who are derelict as “Representatives”!
    *(Bill Sandifer’s link doesn’t work.)
  • Charles Reeder
    commented 2021-06-28 10:05:09 -0400
    Do you support the Convention of States Project?
  • Seth Powell
    published this page 2021-06-28 09:10:36 -0400