Why Did Your State Rep. Dennis Moss Vote to Eliminate the State Budget Transparency Law?

Do you think it’s a good idea for politicians to get into the real estate business?


Your state Rep. Dennis Moss does.  And he’s using your money to do it.


Your state Rep. Dennis Moss voted to buy a $23 million property in Charleston through the shady state budget process (Section 118.18.52g).


Taxpayers are on the hook to spend over $1 million per acre for this pet project.


What are the plans for this land?


They say they want to turn it into a “public park” – just like when they bought Ted Turner’s horsefly and snake infested island off the coast of Beaufort.


What real estate agents and attorneys will profit off this taxpayer expenditure?  What companies can build on the land? Will any politicians profit?


We don’t know… they won’t say.


Can we track how this money will be spent?




How did the politicians get away with this?


Because legislators write the state budget in secret.


They spend our money behind closed doors.


And they horse-trade pet projects with other politicians in the Statehouse.


Who should you hold accountable for this corruption?


Your state Rep. Dennis Moss.


In fact, this year your state Rep. Dennis Moss voted for a pro-corruption bill (H.3605) that repealed the long-standing state budget transparency law.


Repealing the transparency law leads to more corruption and politicians getting rich on our backs.


Your state Rep. Dennis Moss needs to hear from you today.


Call and/or text them and demand an answer to this question:


Why did you vote for the pro-corruption bill H.3605?  Why did you vote to repeal the state budget transparency law?


Demand your state Rep. Dennis Moss stop using the secret budget process to steal our money for pet projects.


Here’s their phone number: 864-761-6353


*Find out more about Dennis Moss – their voting record, who funds their campaign, and how they make a living. Click here.


*Help FAN of SC spread the word about Dennis Moss’s voting record. Click here.

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