Amend & Pass S.177

There is currently a bill in the State House that would protect employees from being forced to get the Chinese coronavirus vaccine.

However, there are loopholes that need to be closed in order to prevent mandatory vaccinations.

Section 2 of the bill allows employers to force their employees who are "treating or caring" for vulnerable populations (as defined by the CDC) to get the Chinese coronavirus vaccine.

That loophole needs to be removed - it is too broad and undefined.

Your state Sen. Michael Johnson needs to hear from you right now.

Call and/or text him and tell him to amend S.177 and pass it as soon as possible.

Tell him you're opposed to mandatory vaccinations.

Employees should never have to fear being fired for not getting the Chinese coronavirus vaccine.

Here's his phone number: 803-984-0126


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  • Seth Powell
    published this page 2021-04-06 08:29:01 -0400