Why Won't Katrina Testify Against Dominion Rate Hike?

Katrina Shealy (R - Lexington)

Earlier this year, your state senator Katrina Shealy complained about the Blue Granite Water Company rate hike.

She even attended the Public Service Commission (PSC) hearing on it.

Now Dominion Energy is asking the PSC for an 8% electricity rate hike and the ability to unilaterally shut off your power if they view you as a "threat".

But this time, Katrina Shealy is oddly quiet.

Is it because a Dominion Energy lobbyist sits on the Board of Directors of her non-profit? (See below)

Who knows.

There are two PSC hearings scheduled - January 5th and 7th - for the Dominion Energy rate hike request.

State law (Section 58-3-142) is clear - state legislators like Katrina can testify at the PSC hearing and we should force them to do so.

Remember, as a state senator, Katrina appoints the bureaucrats at the Public Service Commission (PSC) who make $100,000+ annual salaries.

Her testimony to protect you from another electricity rate hike and dangerous threats to your property rights would send a powerful signal to her appointees on the PSC.

Click this link to send Katrina Shealy a message "You need to testify against the rate hike at the PSC hearing. Stand up for ME, not Dominion Energy!"

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