Your State Sen. Katrina Shealy Has Pushed Us Closer to Unlimited State-Wide Property Tax Hike

Last week, your state Sen. Katrina Shealy voted to create $550 MILLION of new debt for the State Ports Authority to build part of the Hugh Leatherman Port in North Charleston.


That’s right – Katrina Shealy voted to borrow more than a half-billon (with a “b”) dollars - on your back - to build a port named after the most corrupt politician in the state.


Add this to the billions in debt politicians have already piled up at our state university system, the State Infrastructure Bank slush fund, the taxpayer-owned utility Santee Cooper AND the state employee pension fund.


We are going to have to pay all of this money back to Wall Street – with interest.


But the situation Katrina Shealy has created is even more dangerous than it sounds.


According to the South Carolina Constitution, if we're unable to make single a payment on any of this debt an unlimited, statewide property tax hike automatically goes into effect.


Katrina Shealy needs to hear from you right now.


Call and ask her why she voted to put more debt on your back.


Katrina Shealy ran for office as a “conservative”.  Putting taxpayers on the hook for more debt is NOT conservative - especially when the Port of Charleston doesn’t need our money to build their new terminal.


More debt could lead a brand-new, statewide property tax hike.


Tell Katrina Shealy: NO MORE DEBT!  When this legislation comes back to the state Senate, she better vote NO. 


Here’s her phone number: 803-530-8787



*Help us spread the word about Katrina Shealy’s voting record. Click here.

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