Your State Sen. Michael Johnson is Wavering on Restoring Your Gun Rights

Today, your state Senator Michal Johnson will have a chance to restore your gun rights by amending the weak "watered-down" gun bill to become "permit-less" carry.

Right now, Michael Johnson is wavering.

He will not commit to voting for "permit-less" carry.

Michael Johnson needs to hear from you right now.

Here is his cell phone number: 803-984-0126

Tell him to do whatever it takes to amend the weak "watered-down" gun bill and pass "permit-less" carry today.

Remember, you should NEVER have to ask permission to exercise your God-given right to self-defense.

Debate will start in the Senate at 1:30 PM.

Your call and/or text could be the last thing Michael Johnson hears before going to the floor.

Tell him you expect him to do two things today:

  1. Introduce a “permit-less” carry amendment to make the weak, watered-down bill stronger.

.2. Kill any filibuster by Democrats and weak Republicans after the bill is amended to “permit-less” carry” by voting for cloture.

This may be our last chance this year to restore our gun rights.

Call and/or text Michael Johnson right now.

Here is his cell phone number: 803-984-0126


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  • Seth Powell
    published this page 2021-05-05 12:20:31 -0400