Liberal Jay Lucas Wants to "Pack the Court"

Your state Representative, Speaker of the House Jay Lucas (R - Darlington County) is pushing a bill (H.3446) to add two additional judges to the SC Supreme Court.

"Packing the court" was a dangerous idea last year when Joe Biden endorsed it.  And it's just as dangerous today when Jay Lucas is pushing for it in Columbia.

Read more about it here.

Remember, we're one of only two states in America where legislators unilaterally appoint judges.

As Speaker of the House, Jay Lucas has tremendous control over who is appointed to the bench in South Carolina.

Nobody becomes a judge, or keeps their seat on the bench, without being close to Jay Lucas.

He appoints half of the secretive, powerful committee that pre-approves people to become a judge and can also kick them off the bench.

The results of this corruption?

Not a single state legislator has gone to prison in the last 30 years, and unqualified people get appointed to the bench simply because they're connected to state legislators.

Legislators appoint themselves, their wives, their husbands, their cousins, their law firm employees, and their golf buddies.

Call your state Rep. Jay Lucas and demand he kill his own "court packing" bill.

Tell him to follow the United States Constitution when it comes to appointing judges. The Governor should nominate and the Senate should confirm appointees.

Here's his number: 843-861-1409

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  • Seth Powell
    published this page 2021-01-28 08:21:25 -0500