Bribes & Hookers

Imagine you were a big-wig at the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) and got caught by the FBI taking cash bribes from a road contractor.


You also got caught trying to cover it up – on video.


But a federal judge lets you off with a slap on the wrist...45 days house arrest and an 18-month probation sentence.


Honest question: how would you celebrate?


If it were me, I’d thank my lucky stars that I’m not in jail and follow the judge’s order...right?


Well, not if you’re John Hardee (Corrupt Hugh Leatherman’s son-in-law)...


Less than 36 hours after the judge gave the former SCDOT Commissioner a sweetheart deal, Hardee decided to celebrate... purchasing a hooker!


I’m not kidding.


Corrupt Hugh Leatherman’s son-in-law (for now) and disgraced former SCDOT Commissioner John Hardee got caught buying a $40 prostitute as part of an “internet sting” orchestrated by several law enforcement agencies.


Hardee violated his probation.


Will the federal judge punish him for that?




It’s likely he will now see some federal prison time.


But more importantly, Alan Wilson needs to continue his investigation into Leatherman’s son-in-law John Hardee for STATE crimes.


Alan cannot be sidetracked by whatever happens to Hardee in federal court.


He can’t let up on his own investigation of Corrupt Hugh Leatherman’s son-in-law.


He must continue a “deep-dive” investigation into STATE crimes committed by Hardee...


...crimes like: accepting cash bribes, masterminding a kickback scheme that funneled tax money to politicians, and using his office to benefit himself and his family.


Unlike federal laws, South Carolina law is clear.


Simply accepting a bribe is a felony.


Y’all...that’s really what this all comes down to...


If you or I had committed the crimes Corrupt Hugh Leatherman’s son-in-law John Hardee did, we’d have the book thrown at us.


We’d quickly be indicted on felony charges.


We’d swiftly be prosecuted by the feds AND Alan Wilson.


We’d be in prison for taking cash bribes.


You and I wouldn’t be on the prowl looking for hookers...we would be in jail!


What we’re demanding here is equal justice under the law.


Hardee can’t get off with a slap on the wrist because he’s the son-in-law of the most powerful politician in the state.


He shouldn’t get a pass from Alan Wilson because he’s well-connected with the Columbia political elite.


And most importantly, this can’t get swept under the rug by Alan and investigators at the State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) just because the Feds picked him up for violating his probation.


We’re also demanding that the SC Attorney General and SLED use this crime to open up a Statehouse corruption probe – because the feds aren’t going to do that.


Corrupt Hugh Leatherman’s son-in-law is the tip of the iceberg.


He is a major thread in the “Culture of Corruption” in Columbia.


Hardee could be the key to tearing down his father-in-law’s racket in the Statehouse.


That’s why we have to keep the pressure on Columbia to do their jobs and use this investigation as a launchpad for a larger corruption probe.


Right now, the ball is in SLED’s court.


AG Alan Wilson wrote SLED Director Mark Keel a letter last week asking him to assign agents to investigate Hardee on state crimes.


**That was due to your pressure**


However, SLED doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to investigating corrupt state politicians...’s why not a SINGLE state politician has seen a DAY of jail time in decades!


Remember disgraced former Speaker of the House Criminal Bobby Harrell?


Before Corrupt Hugh Leatherman, Harrell was the most powerful politician in the state.


He got caught embezzling hundred$ of thousand$ of dollars to pay off his own personal airplane back in 2014.


But like John Hardee, Criminal Bobby Harrell got off with a slap on the wrist.


He got off in-part because state law enforcement said he was going squeal on the other criminals in the Statehouse.


Well, Criminal Bobby Harrell’s probation period ended a LONG TIME AGO...


...and not a single Statehouse politician has seen a day of jail time.


Y’all, we can’t let them get away with that this time.


We have to force SLED and Alan Wilson to do their jobs.


We can’t let this opportunity to root out corruption in the Statehouse pass us by.


But without your pressure, I don’t think these guys have the backbone to go all the way in a major corruption probe.


We can’t back down.


Just because Corrupt Hugh Leatherman’s son-in-law will likely see federal prison time for getting a hooker, we can’t let him elude justice for STATE crimes.




Two things:


  1. SLED Director Mark Keel was re-appointed by Gov. Henry McMaster.


McMaster works for us.


Henry needs to hear from you!


Click HERE to send Henry a message: ensure SLED thoroughly investigates Corrupt Hugh Leatherman’s son-in-law John Hardee!


Tell McMaster that HIS appointee at SLED better look into ANY and ALL potential crimes Hardee committed AND investigate all other politicians associated in this criminal activity.


Don’t let them drop the ball – like they did with Criminal Bobby Harrell!


Anything less than an indictment would be a huge disappointment.


Click HERE to hold the Governor accountable for his appointment at SLED.


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For Freedom,




Dave Schwartz

(843) 990-3336

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