Why Did Your State Rep. Davey Hiott Vote for Corrupt Pet Projects in State Budget?

Last month state legislators voted to repeal the state budget transparency law – a good law that required open meetings in public.

Yesterday, your state Rep. Davey Hiott voted to spend the most money in state history…much of it in secret.

As part of the budget, Davey Hiott funneled $200 million to build a new port in Charleston named after the most corrupt politician in the state, Corrupt Hugh Leatherman.

Other pet projects in the state budget Davey Hiott voted for include (but are not limited to):

• $23 million to buy riverfront property in Charleston (at $1 million/acre)
• $19 million for a brand-new Greenville Convention Center (when they already have one)
• $8.3 million to out-of-state corporation Gallo alcohol/wine maker
• $7.3 million for “improvements” to the Governor’s Mansion complex
• $5 million to renovate an opera house in Sumter
• $2 million for updates to an aquarium in Charleston
• $500,000 for “Feral Swine Eradication”

State legislators have made it impossible to track how all our money will get spent or who will benefit from it.

State legislators didn’t hold hearings for these pet projects or even put them on the state website so we can see the pet projects before they voted.

And thanks to our state’s weak income disclosure laws, legislators can cash-in by laundering OUR money to THEIR businesses without any reporting.

Just look at Corrupt Hugh Leatherman. His concrete company has gotten $40 million in SCDOT contracts…that we know about.

Do you think your state representative Davey Hiott should’ve voted for these secret pet projects?

Is your state representative Davey Hiott disclosing ALL of their income sources so we can check for potential conflicts of interest?

Call and/or text Davey Hiott and ask them why they voted to spend your money on these secret pet projects.

Here’s their cell phone number: 864-420-0155

Read more about the state budget HERE and HERE.

*Want to know more about Davey Hiott's voting record, who funds their campaign, and how they make a living? Click here.

*Help FAN of SC spread the word about Davey Hiott's voting record. Click here.

*Tell Governor Henry McMaster to veto this shady, massive state budget. Demand he bring the legislature back to Columbia and hold public meetings like the old state budget transparency law required. Click here.

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