Are You Getting Your Money's Worth?

Your state Rep. Jackie Hayes and his family are still making a TON of money on your back.


First, he receives his taxpayer-funded salary as a state representative.


Then he receives a taxpayer-funded salary from Dillon County School District as “Athletic Director”.


To top it all off, Jackie’s wife has a plum job as the “Director of Programming for Exceptional Children” in Dillon County.


The Hayes family pulls in over $250,000 every year – and that doesn’t even include their huge pension and health benefits.


All of it funded by you.


Here’s the kicker: as a state legislator in Dillion County, Jackie APPOINTS the School Board members who pay his salary and his wife’s salary.


And what have you received for making Jackie Hayes a rich man?


  • In 2017, Jackie voted for the largest gas tax hike in history.




Simple question – are you getting your money’s worth?


Because Jackie Hayes is costing you A LOT of money.


*Want to see Jackie’s voting record and how he earns a living? Click here.


*Help FAN of SC spread the word about Jackie’s abysmal voting record. Click here.

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  • Seth Powell
    published this page 2021-09-09 12:55:13 -0400