Your Pressure On Alan Wilson Worked

Well, you did it.


After getting bombarded with 2,205 of your emails and dozens of your phone calls over the last 3 weeks, Attorney General Alan Wilson finally got your message.


On Thursday afternoon he formally opened a criminal investigation on disgraced former SCDOT Commissioner John Hardee.


Alan gave us plenty of lame excuses on why he COULDN’T open an investigation into Corrupt Hugh Leatherman’s son-in-law.


I detailed those excuses in my last email:


  • Alan said he “didn’t have the resources” to investigate Hardee.
  • He had to “wait” until the federal investigation was over.
  • He was worried it would “look bad” if he went after Leatherman’s son-in-law.


But, y’all refused to accept Alan’s terrible excuses and forced him to do his job.


You overwhelmed him with pressure.


This is the power of grassroots.


This is what happens when South Carolinians all across the state band together and take control of our government.


This is a big deal!


Hardee is the son-in-law of state Senator Corrupt Hugh Leatherman – the most powerful politician in the state!


He’s one of the most politically well-connected people in South Carolina.


He was a powerful SCDOT Commissioner for decades.


Hardee is also one of the dirtiest politicians in the state.


And thanks to you demanding Alan do his job, we have the best chance in years to root out the corruption in the Statehouse.


This man is the son-in-law of the most powerful politician in the state...


...Hardee’s business dealings could hold the key to finally getting the king of corruption in Columbia: Corrupt Hugh Leatherman.


It’s up to Alan Wilson to do a “deep dive” into his bank accounts, business records and tax filings.


Who knows what other money laundering, bribery and embezzlement schemes Hardee was running.


It’s up to Alan to look at the evidence.


It’s up to Alan to prosecute Hardee to the fullest extent of the law.


But it’s up to us to continue push Alan to dig deep – every step of the way.


The road contractor informed the FBI that his monthly $2,000 payments to Hardee WERE BRIBES!


Hardee knew those payments were bribes...’s why he demanded that the road contractor DESTROY all evidence of the payments (which was caught on video)!


This is exactly why Alan Wilson’s investigation is so important.


By simply ACCEPTING a bribe in South Carolina, Hardee broke STATE law.


We also know that Hardee masterminded an illegal kickback scheme where he funneled tax dollars to favored politicians and lobbyists.


Bottom line: Alan needs to fully investigate this scumbag.


Like I said earlier, this is the best opportunity we’ve had in years to bust up the “culture of corruption” in Columbia.


But if Hardee gets off with a slap on the wrist, the corrupt politicians will go back to business-as-usual in the Statehouse.


A lot is on the line with this investigation.


We must continue the pressure on Alan.


Without our pressure, I don’t think he has the backbone to go all the way in a major corruption probe.


But we can’t do it without you.


We need your help!




We want to keep empowering you, and as many South Carolinians as we can, to keep this corruption investigation going.


However, it costs money to send the text messages, create social media ads and organize activists on the ground.


Can you help FAN of SC by donating $35, $55, $110 or even become a monthly donor.


We’re a small grassroots organization that doesn’t receive a PENNY of government funds.


We depend on folks like you to fund our work.


Your generous donation of $50, $100 or even $250 will allow us to continue to expose Statehouse scumbags like Soon-To-Be-Criminal John Hardee and give citizens the tools to root them out.


If you need help sending a message to your state politicians, don’t hesitate to call me!


For Freedom,

Dave Schwartz

President, Freedom Action Network of South Carolina



PS – Thanks in advance for considering a contribution to FAN of SC.  We have a tiny staff (2 employees), but with private donations of $25, $50, $100 - or even a $10 recurring monthly donation – we can continue to have a BIG impact.


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  • Wanda Powell
    commented 2019-08-11 01:47:43 -0400
  • Seven John
    commented 2019-08-10 14:35:11 -0400
    I am collecting Social Securiity 1079.00 per month and can’t afford to contribute, sorry.
    The best I can do is sign all ur petions and send them on. Thank you for ur great work.
  • Jim Tubb
    commented 2019-08-10 14:08:46 -0400
    Love it! Just wish icould financilly support it, but being 75, disabled and trying to survive on only social security payments; it’s just not possible! However, i can send emails to Mr. Wilson to encourage his highest efforts.
    Just need his address?
  • Wanda Powell
    commented 2019-08-10 12:41:05 -0400
    South Carolina is one of the lowest pay rate in the USA and croupt political offices they all need to be checked out by a appointed office for lying ,cheating ,and stealing from us.