Greenville legislative town hall meeting – will they restore your gun rights?

Next month Greenville County state legislators will hold a “town hall” meeting.


It’s called the Legislative Delegation meeting and it’s an opportunity to speak to your Columbia employees (the state politicians) in-person...


...and believe me, there’s a lot to question them about.


The House is about to debate a weak, “watered-down” gun rights bill – open carry, WITH TRAINING.


Is the word “training” or “permit” found anywhere in the 2nd Amendment?




But many of your Greenville state legislators think they should dictate how you can defend yourself in public.


God gave us a right to self-defense, not some two-bit state politician.


We don’t need to ask permission for a Constitutional right.


An amendment has been introduced to make this weak, “watered-down” bill stronger.


This strong change would align our state law more closely with the 2nd Amendment by NOT mandating a concealed weapon permit (CWP).


Liberal legislators like Speaker of the House Liberal Jay Lucas are trying to stop the “permit-less” carry amendment.


Sadly, we’re hearing several Greenville legislators are taking cues from Liberal Jay Lucas – including state reps. Bobby Cox, Jason Elliott and West Cox.


Will your state representative do whatever it takes to restore your rights?


Will they step up and introduce the “permit-less” carry amendment?


Or will they fall in-line and do as their liberal leadership tells them.


Honestly, it depends on how much pressure you put on them to represent you.


After the House passes the gun bill it will go onto the state Senate.


Will your state Senator work hard to restore your 2nd Amendment rights and pass “permit-less” carry?


Or will they “kow-tow” to Corrupt Hugh Leatherman?


You should ask them in-person at the town hall meeting in April.


Another timely issue to question them about is the state budget.


Every year state legislators ignore the budget transparency law (SC Code: 11-11-90).


They’re supposed to hold “joint, open meetings” between the House and Senate budget writing committees.


It’s supposed to be a public meeting where we can see how our money is getting spent and participate in the process.


Instead, they meet in small subcommittee conference rooms deep inside the Statehouse on weekdays during work hours.


Working folks can’t attend.


But you know who does?


Well-paid lobbyists.


No recorded votes and no “live-stream” video.


Shady.  Secretive.  Illegal.


But now they’ve gone one step further...


...a new, pro-corruption bill (H.3605) that would DO AWAY with the budget transparency law is on the floor of the House as I write this to you.


If passed, H.3605 would give them a “GET OUT OF JAIL FREE” card with our money.


Corrupt politicians ignore the budget transparency law because it’s easier to steal our tax dollars when deals are cut behind closed doors.


Corrupt Hugh Leatherman funneled millions to his concrete company.


House Ways & Means Chairman Murrell Smith funneled millions to his medical equipment company.


State representative Kirkman Finlay funneled money to a non-profit run by his re-election campaign manager.


And state representative Todd Rutherford funneled over $500,000 to a charity run by his girlfriend.


If they were forced to follow the budget transparency law (SC Code: 11-11-90), we could follow the money and have a chance to stop the corruption before it’s too late.


We could also stop legislators from accepting federal grants with mandates...


...mandates that make us MORE dependent on Washington and changes our culture.


When your state legislators ignore the budget transparency law, it’s harder to track all of the federal mandates that your state legislators vote to accept.


It’s why teachers are still forced to use Common Core curriculum in our schools.


It’s why some roads get fixed over and over, but others are left crumbling for decades.


It’s why we spend so much on health care.


It’s also the only way I can tell that the federal government could order a nationwide mask mandate.


Or get states to comply with federal gun control.


Remember, two years ago Lindsey Graham tried to push his unAmerican, “red flag” gun confiscation bill by allowing states to “opt-in” for funding to execute the dangerous law.


Some legislators have talked about “pushing back” against DC mandates and executive orders.


Good for them.  (Although I wonder where they’ve been the last decade.)


However, they don’t need to draft long, complicated bills filled with legal-ese that will likely get challenged in court.


The quickest, simplest and legally cleanest way to stop a Washington takeover?


Demand your state legislators stop voting for the federal money in the illegal state budget.


You can do that at the town hall meeting next month.


And finally, you can talk to your state legislators about all the appointments they will make to powerful, local boards and commissions.


Did you know your state legislators appoint and control folks that oversee our local roads, the city bus system, the Greenville Health Authority and the Tech college?


They do.


And the appointment process starts next week.


Here’s a link to all of the nominations and qualifications.


You should ask your state legislators who they will appoint to these powerful boards.


Ask them about the qualifications of their nominees.


The legislative delegation “town hall” gives you the opportunity to speak with your Statehouse employees face-to-face.


At the last Greenville town hall in January, over 200 folks showed up to instruct legislators to restore our 2nd Amendment rights by passing “permit-less” carry.


Many of you confronted them about fixing your crumbling, dangerous roads.


By the time the next meeting rolls around in April, the legislative session will be more than halfway done.


This will be a perfect time to give your employees a full review of their work. 


But if you just want to address your legislators, go up to them immediately after the meeting.


Have they restored your gun rights?


Has your road been fixed?


Are they fighting for more transparency?


Are they keeping us out of debt? 


FAN of SC wants to make this experience as fun and easy as possible.


And after the town hall, dinner is on us!


It’s a great opportunity to meet fellow conservatives in Greenville and get organized locally.


There will be several leaders of grassroots groups there...we’d love to plug you in to what they’re doing in your neighborhood.


The “town hall” meeting is on Monday, April 12th and starts around 5:30pm.   






The delegation meeting is Monday, April 12th at 5:30pm.


Click on this link to let us know you’re coming.


Share this invitation with any friends or family.


Let’s force these politicians to restore our 2nd Amendment rights. 


Let’s force them to fix our roads – like they promised when they jacked up our taxes.


Let’s make sure they know who they work for.


Click here to attend the meeting and dinner (Location: TBD) with your conservative neighbors.




If you would like to address all state legislators publicly at the town hall, you can email them your name and what you want to discuss to:


[email protected]


Or call Rachel Bennett (Staff Assistant) at (864) 467-7112.


You must request “permission” to address your employees at least 4 days in advance.


Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have trouble getting a response from the staff. 


It’s ridiculous that we have to ask permission to address them that far in advance, but we need to make sure your voice is heard.


If you need help pressuring your state politicians, don’t hesitate to call me.



Dave Schwartz

President, Freedom Action Network of South Carolina

(843) 990-3336

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