Gun Rights Update

Yesterday, state representatives had a chance to restore our gun rights in South Carolina…


… but once again, thanks to Speaker of the House Liberal Jay Lucas (RINO – Darlington) and his procedural trickery, the amendment was killed without a roll call vote.


As we alerted you yesterday, an amendment had been filed to legalize open carry of a handgun, make a Concealed Weapons Permit optional, and recognize CWP holders from every other state.


It would have restored our 2nd Amendment rights - rights given to us by God, but taken away from us over the years by our state politicians.


Instead, House leadership quickly made a motion to “adjourn debate” – effectively killing the amendment AND any chance of restoring our gun rights this year.


All of this was done without a recorded vote – giving cover to anti-gun Republicans.


Here’s what happened:


Speaker of the House Liberal Jay Lucas used a slick procedural motion during the vote and other state representatives, cowering in fear, never objected or called for a recorded vote.


Even after YOU emailed YOUR state representative to tell them to restore your gun rights by passing this amendment, they did nothing.


The result?


For the fifth consecutive year, a Republican-controlled House blocked the restoration of your gun rights in this state.


We can’t open carry our handguns, and we have to continue to ask the government for permission for a right we already have.


It wasn’t because they didn’t have time to vote to restore your rights, its that they just don’t care about them.


In fact, they passed several bills, including:


  • declaring a new state holiday (“Workers Memorial Day”)
  • classifying some birds, animals and fish as “migratory water fowl”
  • re-electing their buddy and donor to the USC Board of Visitors, and
  • passing a “special license plate” bill


They took the time to pass those bills, but not to restore your gun rights.


Now you know where your state representative stands – they are NOT fighting to restore your 2nd Amendment rights in the State House.


On top of that, they elect and re-elect a Speaker of the House (Liberal Jay Lucas) who hates the fact you have a right to keep and bear arms.


Liberal Jay Lucas will do anything, including using procedural trickery, to block the restoration of your gun rights.


Enough is enough.


Demand answers from your state representatives.


Ask them why your rights weren’t restored yesterday.


Ask them why they continue to make Liberal Jay Lucas their leader.


Click HERE to send your state representative a message demanding answers on those two things.


You pressured your state representative yesterday to restore your gun rights and they ignored you.


Click HERE to demand answers from them.


If you receive a response, please forward it along to us so we can track the excuses they make for not fighting for our Constitutional rights.

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