1/2 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back on Gun Rights

  • “Open carry with permission slip” law goes into effect this week


  • State legislators snuck in amendments at the last minute (without recording their votes) that could have dangerous, long-lasting impact


  • Demand your state politicians eliminate new infringements, permission slip – CLICK HERE




State politicians have been bragging to anyone who will listen that they passed the most significant gun rights law in a generation – open carry with permission slip.


It passed the House 83-34.


It passed the Senate 28-16.


Earlier this summer, Governor Henry McMaster signed the bill into law.


Again – the politicians desperately want you to believe that they’ve restored your God-given right to self-defense and made our state a “2nd Amendment Sanctuary”.


However, Republicans and Democrats added last-minute amendments without recording their votes that made the bill not just weak...but dangerous.


I encourage you to read the bill.


I think you’ll come to the same conclusion I did: any politician that says this law is a “big win” is blatantly lying.


In fact, I believe this law is a ½ step forward, but takes us 2 steps backward.


This “Open Carry with training” law gives local governments more opportunity to infringe on our 2nd Amendment rights and gives the federal government A LOT more information about us.


Let me show you what I mean...


The ½ step forward?


It’s no longer a state crime to carry your handgun openly.


The new law will likely eliminate the fear of many concealed carriers: getting cited for inadvertently exposing your gun.


That’s a good thing.


The 2 steps backward?


Section 8 of the new law gives local governments the power to restrict your right to carry openly on public property.



Thanks to the new law, towns and counties can infringe on your 2A right at festivals, protests, rallies or any other “permitted” event.


This is dangerous for two reasons.


First, a public event is where I want the most flexibility to defend myself and my family.


Law-abiding South Carolinians should have the right to carry our handgun any way we see fit at a rally, festival or parade in case of an emergency.


Second, this new law will create a “patchwork” of gun restrictions across the state that can easily turn law-abiding citizens into criminals.


Some local politicians in Charleston have already exploited this part of the new law.


They city Council passed an ordinance abolishing “open carry” at any event on public property.


Other local governments are quickly following suit.


The politicians in the small city of Lancaster are also putting up restrictions on carrying at events.


In fact, not only will this law cost law-abiding citizens in Lancaster their ability to defend themselves…


…it will cost them more to do it.


The interim Police chief wants to spend $2,920 for new, anti-carry signs.


The town of Summerville is also looking to restrict open carry on town property.


Greenville could be next.


The CITY government is run by a gun-grabbing, liberal Republican mayor named Knox White.


I’ll bet he can’t wait to infringe on our rights any way he can.


The COUNTY council in Greenville isn’t quite that liberal when it comes to our 2nd Amendment rights.


However, if Greenville CITY decides to restrict open carry at many of the events hosted inside city limits...


...but visitors from Greenville COUNTY – who don’t have those restrictions back home and don’t know about the ban on open carry at a city event – decide to open carry at that permitted event in the CITY...


...they can be cited for a crime.


It’s completely arbitrary.


I expect anti-gun politicians in Myrtle Beach, Columbia, Rock Hill and Spartanburg to take advantage of this new authority by shutting down our rights whenever possible.


Bottom line: state legislators should NEVER have given the local governments this unprecedented power to infringe on our 2nd Amendment right.


But they slipped it in without a recorded vote!


Several Republican state legislators admitted they quietly slid in Section 8 to appease taxpayer-funded lobbyists that represent far-left Mayors and county governments in our state.




The other “step back” in the new law was a section added at the last-minute.


Section 10 was an amendment to the bill introduced by an anti-gun Democrat state Senator Gerald Malloy.


Democrats AND Republicans quickly added it to the law by an unrecorded “voice-vote” on the day before final passage.


Our politicians did NOT want to go on record supporting Malloy’s amendment.


Here’s why...


Section 10 would funnel much more information about us to the FBI.



Before this dangerous amendment was passed, the South Carolina court system would report anyone who was found guilty of a felony to the State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) every 30 days.


Eventually those felons would be entered into the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) so those criminals could no longer purchase a gun.


Today – thanks to Republicans adopting this Democrat amendment on a secret, unrecorded vote – it’s a whole different ball game.


The state courts will now send reports to the FBI every 5 days.


If you’re ACCUSED of a crime - even temporary restraining orders – you could lose your right to defend yourself.


Section 10 of the new law could also be a first step toward a dangerous, unAmerican “red flag” gun confiscation law.


The politicians and bureaucrats now have all of the information they need to take away our guns before due process.








What else are politicians bragging about in the bill?


State legislators boast this new law makes us a “2nd Amendment Sanctuary”.


That’s a lie.


The fact that they gave local politicians the ability to restrict our rights (Section 8) AND are pumping even more of our info to the Feds (Section 10) debunks their claim.


How can we be a “sanctuary” from the federal government taking our rights if state politicians are giving the federal government more of our personal information?


In addition, there is NO criminal penalty for a government agent who restricts our rights.


At least in Arkansas’ “2nd Amendment Sanctuary” bill they outlined criminal fines for any state or local government official assisting federal agencies to restrict their citizen’s rights.


NOT in this bill and NOT in South Carolina.


Another point you may hear from your state legislators?


Concealed Weapon Permits (CWP) are now “free”.


No charge.


No cost.


It’s another lie.


Although the new law eliminates the $50 fee to apply for a CWP from the State Law Enforcement Division (SLED), the CWP program still exists – and so does the cost to maintain it.


Instead of those that choose to purchase the permission slip financing the CWP program through their application fee…


…ALL of us will subsidize it through the income and sales tax we pay every year.


Always remember this fact: no government program is ever “free”.


Any politician – Democrat or Republican – that tells you otherwise is lying to you.


Again, let me be clear: I encourage you to read the law for yourself and make your own determination (especially Sections 8 and 10).


However, I believe state legislators have moved us backward.


After reading this law, I believe our rights are more in danger now than before the state legislature passed “Open Carry with Permission slip”.


It’s why you and I demanded a CLEAN “permit-less” carry bill at the beginning of the legislative session.


No infringements.


No permission slips.


No last-minute amendments tacked on without a recorded vote.


And we came close.


Nine Republican state Senators (red dots in front of their name) teamed up with all of the Democrats to kill “permit-less” carry.



If just 3 of those weak Republicans switched their votes (including the weak Republican Majority Leader Shane Massey), we would no longer have to ask permission for our God-given right.


It was Republican state Senators who teamed up with Democrats to send more of our personal information to the FBI.


Lesson learned here, folks.


We force these state legislators to pass a simple, clean bill with NO added infringements.


Make no mistake…Republican state legislators want more gun control.


It’s up to us to stop them.




Several things...




We should NEVER have to ask permission for a God-given right.


We shouldn’t have to worry about local infringements.


We shouldn’t be funneling more personal information to the FBI – especially before anyone is found guilty.


Send your state legislators a clear message: the new gun law is not what I wanted.


No infringements.


No gun control amendments.


No last-minute add-ons to the bill.


No unrecorded “voice-votes” (like you did on this new law).


Just restore my 2nd Amendment rights.


As always, I gave you a pre-written email that will go directly to your state legislators.


However, I highly encourage you to edit the email and make it more personal.


Your personalized, passionate message will have more impact.


Simply click on the link and edit the email how you see fit.


No threats or foul language. It just needs to be clear that you want them to kill ALL gun control and restore your God-given right to self-defense by passing a clean, strong “permit-less” carry law.


And don’t be afraid to respond back to them if they reply with a list of lame excuses.




Do you know your state legislator’s voting record in the Statehouse?


Do you know who funds their campaign?


How does your legislator make a living?


We’ve compiled all of this information about YOUR state legislators onto one website. It’s personalized just for YOU.


All you have to do is click here and enter your email address.


We plan on updating these profiles every day, so be sure to check back for new information.


Share these profiles with your friends and neighbors.


And if you know something about YOUR state legislators that we didn’t include, send me an email.




Most South Carolinians want their 2nd Amendment rights fully restored.


No infringements.


No permission slips.


Many politicians in the Statehouse – Democrat AND Republican – want to take your guns.


Help us fight back!


A donation to FAN of SC of $5, $10, $25, $50 or even $100 will go directly to empowering your pro-2A neighbors to pressure their state politicians.


Every dollar helps!


If you need any assistance contacting your state politicians, don’t hesitate to call me.



Dave Schwartz

President, Freedom Action Network of South Carolina

(843) 990-3336 - cell




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