Tell Garry Smith: Don't Shut Me Out of Delegation Meeting

Thank you for signing up for the Greenville Legislative Townhall meeting on Monday at 5:30 PM.

This is a great chance to speak to your employees (the politicians) in-person to give them a job performance review and let them know what you expect from them for the rest of the Legislative Session.

However, at previous townhall meetings, legislators have not provided enough seating to accommodate the crowd.

This is another barrier they put in place to avoid being held accountable by their bosses - you.

In January, hundreds of Greenville citizens were forced to wait in the hall and could not attend the meeting.

That is unacceptable, and you shouldn't allow it to happen this Monday.

The Convention Center is large enough to seat anyone and everyone who wants to attend the meeting safely.

State Rep. Garry Smith is the Chairman of the Delegation, and he's in charge of the meeting. 

Call and/or text him and tell him you plan to attend the meeting and expect there to be enough seating for everyone who wants to attend.

Tell him you better not be shut out of the meeting and forced to wait in the hall.

Tell him every citizen who wants to speak should be able to do so.

Here's a sample text:

"Garry, I plan to attend the townhall meeting on Monday night. You need to make sure 

there is more than enough seating in the meeting room for everyone that attends.

Do NOT let what happened in January happen again."

Here's his cell phone number: 864-430-2833

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  • Seth Powell
    published this page 2021-04-07 10:46:36 -0400