Who is the #1 enemy of our gun rights in the Statehouse?

If you guessed a liberal Democrat, you’d be dead wrong...


It’s a liberal Republican.


House Judiciary Chairman Progressive Peter McCoy.


As Chairman, liberal Progressive Peter McCoy is blocking H.3456 – a bill that would restore our God-given, 2nd Amendment rights.


Click HERE to demand your state representative and Progressive Peter McCoy pass H.3456 immediately

Remember, if passed, H.3456 would:


  • LEGALIZE open carry for handguns
  • and RECOGNIZE CWP holders from every other state in the country


If H.3456 became law, South Carolina would be one of the freest states in the country when it comes to our gun rights.


So how did Progressive Peter McCoy earn the nickname “Progressive”?


He voted for the largest gas tax hike in state history...


...he voted to increase his salary through an illegal state budget


...and like all progressive liberals, he uses his office for personal gain.


Why would any “Republican” oppose a strong gun rights bill?


Because Progressive Peter is a RINO (Republican In Name Only) and doesn’t believe in our Constitutional gun rights.


Progressive Peter McCoy is not only blocking H.3456, he’s a co-sponsor of a major gun control bill!


He is actively working with gun-grabbing Democrats to extend gun purchase wait times.


Last session, he voted to kill the strongest Constitutional Carry bill when it got to the floor of the House...


...and this year as Judiciary Chairman he’s working to kill it without even allowing South Carolinians to be heard!


How did Progressive Peter McCoy get in such a powerful position?


Because he’s the Speaker of the House’s pet...


...and YOUR state representative elected the Speaker that put him there.


Since he was elected almost a decade ago, Progressive Peter has shown more interested in climbing the political ladder than protecting our gun rights.


Is it any wonder why Progressive Peter McCoy votes like a Democrat?


His uncle, former Democrat State Senator Creighton Coleman, also made a habit of attacking our Constitutional gun rights.


It seems like being a Progressive gun control extremist runs in the family.


But attacking our gun rights isn’t the only thing that makes “Republican” Peter McCoy a progressive:


Progressive Peter is a tax-hiker.


The “Progressive” nick name is well earned...


He voted for the largest gas tax hike in state history last session.


It was a 72% tax hike that he and his fellow politicians promised would fix our roads.


Obviously, Progressive Peter lied.


In many counties across the state – especially in rural areas – our roads and bridges are more dangerous than ever.


Progressive Peter McCoy’s gas tax hike has only benefitted the likes of Corrupt Hugh Leatherman, not us.


Not only did Progressive Peter vote for the gas tax hike...


...as part of the 1st Congressional district legislative delegation, Progressive Peter McCoy also helps appoint the SCDOT Commissioner.


Remember, the Commissioners decide where and how our gas tax $$$ gets spent. 


The legislature, including Progressive Peter McCoy, is 100% responsible for our crumbling roads.


 He's a well-connected trial lawyer.


Progressive Peter is a partner at McCoy & Stokes – a law firm, according to their website, that specializes in defending college students on “drug possession”, “disorderly conduct”, “assault” and “sex crimes.”


As House Judiciary Chairman, Progressive Peter has immense power behind the scenes to determine who can become a judge in South Carolina.


Judges that Progressive Peter McCoy appointed could rule favorably for his clients.


If you had to go before a judge our state, wouldn’t you hire the powerful legislator that helped he/she get to the bench?


You’d be crazy not to...


...and that means big $$$ for Progressive Peter McCoy.


    • Progressive Peter wants to shut us up.


By blocking Constitutional Carry and co-sponsoring gun control, it’s clear Progressive Peter doesn’t respect the Second Amendment.


But his voting record also indicates he doesn’t care about our First Amendment rights either.


In 2015 he sponsored and voted for the “Gag Act” – a bill that would require any citizen organization that even mentions a politician’s name 30 days before an election to turn in their member lists to the state government.


The Gag Act would leave private citizens open to political harassment, retribution and intimidation.


This unconstitutional, anti-free speech bill was aimed at groups like ours.


It was meant to shut down criticism of politicians like Progressive Peter McCoy.


Thankfully the Gag Act didn’t pass the state Senate.


But Progressive Peter McCoy proudly put his name on it.


Progressive Peter isn’t conservative, but he is definitely ambitious.


President Trump rejected Progressive Peter McCoy when he applied for a job in the administration.


Progressive Peter McCoy wasn’t a “Trump original”, but shortly after the 2016 election he attempted to worm his way into the Trump administration.


Inside sources have told me that he was lobbying hard for the South Carolina United States Attorney job behind the scenes.


The US Attorney position is a powerful Presidential appointment that would be in charge of prosecuting Statehouse corruption, as well as other federal crimes.


Thankfully, the President found Progressive Peter McCoy unqualified and appointed someone else.


But Progressive Peter McCoy isn’t just a Progressive RINO...


...he’s also a corrupt politician that uses his office to benefit himself and his family:





But the most egregious example of Progressive Peter McCoy’s corruption is using his power to help his wife get appointed to the bench.



Before the public vote, she was vetted by an obscure, but very powerful panel of legislators called the Judicial Merit Selection Commission (JMSC) – a committee Progressive Peter used to sit on. 


His House colleagues fast-tracked her approval and convinced her opponent to drop out before they voted.


Progressive Peter’s wife makes $141,300 annually plus pension benefits.


To add insult to injury, there are serious talks in the legislature of raising judicial salaries by a whopping 33%!


Progressive Peter will get to vote to fatten his own wallet - again.


I know what you’re thinking...


How can ONE Progressive Committee Chairman in the Statehouse deny restoration of our rights?


How did anti-gun, corrupt, Progressive Peter McCoy become a powerful Committee Chairman in the Statehouse?


The answer is simple.


The liberal Speaker of the House Jay Lucas put him there.


And who made Jay Lucas the Speaker?


Your state legislator.


Here’s the bottom line: Progressive Peter McCoy is the House Judiciary Committee Chairman. 


He controls whether or not H.3456 gets a hearing.


He controls the votes on the Committee.


Our Constitutional gun rights won’t be restored in this state until Progressive Peter McCoy feels enough pressure from YOUR House member to pass H.3456 out of his committee.


When your state House member gets blamed for Progressive Peter McCoy blocking H.3456, then they will be forced to confront McCoy and demand he passes the bill..


It doesn’t matter if they say they’re “pro-2nd Amendment”.


It doesn’t matter that they say they’ll vote for H.3456 “when it gets to the floor”.


It doesn’t even matter if your state House member is a “co-sponsor” of H.3456.




The bill is wasting away in the Judiciary Committee, and they need to aggressively confront Progressive Peter McCoy to pass H.3456.


And if they won’t or can’t...you need to blame them for blocking our gun rights.



On April 10th, all bills that aren’t passed out of the House are dead for the year..


It’s called the “cross-over” deadline.


We need to act quickly.


You need to hold your state House member accountable for Progressive Peter McCoy’s bad behavior.


And you need to send Progressive Peter McCoy a message that, because of him blocking H.3456, you’re holding his colleagues accountable!


Click here to send a message to both YOUR House member AND Progressive Peter McCoy.


Your House member let Liberal Jay Lucas run unopposed for Speaker of the House.


Jay put Progressive Peter in power.


That means your House member needs to be held accountable.


Send your legislator AND House Judiciary Chairman Progressive Peter McCoy a message: “STOP BLOCKING H.3456 – restore my Constitutional rights today!”


If you can’t get in touch with your state politicians, contact me immediately. 


For Freedom,

Dave Schwartz

President, Freedom Action Network of South Carolina