The Battle Has Just Begun

To “reward” themselves for spending so much of your money...


...your House members are going on “Spring Break” this week.


Do they deserve a vacation?




They still haven’t restored our gun rights.


But, for the first time since I’ve been watching the legislature, restoring our 2nd Amendment rights is being taken seriously.


Your legislators are feeling pressure to make the permission slip OPTIONAL, instead of MANDATORY.


The House passed a weak, watered-down bill (open carry with TRAINING).


But the state Senate can do what the House should have: make the weak, watered-down bill stronger by amending it to “permit-less” carry – like nearly 20 other states.


We can do this.


There is a light at the end of the tunnel to regaining our God-given right to self-defense.


However, the need to ramp up the political pressure on our state politicians has never been more urgent.


With so many threats coming from the Biden/Harris/Pelosi machine in Washington, we have to force our state politicians to restore and protect our God-given rights.


Our mission at the Freedom Action Network of South Carolina is to remove all of the obstacles that stand in the way of you being able to put pressure on your politicians.


One of the biggest barriers you might face is that you don’t have time to pressure your state legislators.


Many of you don’t have time to know ALL of the bills and crazy proposals your lawmaker is considering.


Most of you don’t have your state legislator’s cell phone number or email to send them instructions on how to vote.


And that’s OK. 


It’s FAN of SC’s job to make sure you can quickly connect with them so you can hold YOUR politicians accountable for their behavior in the Statehouse.


Our goal is to empower you and make it as easy as possible to pressure the politicians who represent you in the Statehouse.


Whether it’s our text messages that allow you to directly message your lawmakers BEFORE a big vote...


...or livestreaming the vote on our social media pages in real time...


...or an email to let you know exactly how they voted AFTER they get off the floor...


...FAN of SC gives you the tools right at your fingertips to connect with your employees in the Statehouse.


Many politicians count on you being too busy to notice their corruption in Columbia.


State legislators love it when you don’t have time to know about their complicated and painfully long proposals that end up infringing on your rights or costing you more money.


They don’t want you to know how they voted on most bills (like the illegal state budget) because it threatens their re-election.


But just because you work for a living, doesn’t mean your politicians should be able to screw you behind your back.


Just because you’re not a “political insider” or a lobbyist, doesn’t mean your state legislator should ignore your demands.


Again...that’s why we launched FAN of SC back in 2017.


  • So you have the power to fight back against the corrupt politicians and special interest lobbyists.


  • So you can see what YOUR politicians are up to – in real time.


  • And so you can tell YOUR employees in the Statehouse what you want them to do, before they take a vote.


I’ll be honest, this work can be frustrating at times – especially watching Republicans cave to their liberal leaders in Columbia. 


But I feel blessed to be able to serve and empower you.


FAN of SC doesn’t get any government money.


We definitely don’t get any lobbyist money.


FAN of SC is a non-profit organization that relies on donations from private citizens like you across the state to fund our work.


The text-line, conservative talk radio spots, activist meetings and social media ads cost thousands of dollars.


Unfortunately, fighting for freedom is not cheap.


But thankfully, we received a generous offer in January from an incredibly generous donor.


They were willing to match any donation 2 to 1.


They told me that if we raise $1, they will match us with $2 through the end of March.


The last day of the month is Wednesday.


I know you’re a donor and I’m so thankful for your support of our work.


Would you be willing to make an additional donation to FAN of SC this month to ensure we can continue to empower you and thousands of other South Carolinians?


Would you consider becoming a “monthly supporter” of our work?


$10, $25, or even $50 each month will be matched too!


Every dollar you can spare will be matched by 2, thanks to another donor willing to help us in this fight!


Here’s the bottom line...with less than 2 months left in the 2021 legislative session, we have a lot of work yet to do.  We have to:


  1. Pressure the state Senate to restore our 2A rights – like nearly 20 other states already have


The House passed a weak, watered-down gun bill (H.3094 open carry with TRAINING).  Your state Senator needs to make the bill stronger by amending it to “permit-less” carry and then do whatever it takes to get it passed.


We should NEVER have to ask permission of a God-given right.


We also need to pressure them to ensure no gun control bills sneak through either.


  1. Kill the pro-corruption bill (H.3605) that will do away with transparency


The House passed a pro-corruption bill to do away with the state budget transparency law. 


If the state Senate follows suit, we will have no legal recourse to stop their corrupt money laundering schemes.


If H.3605 becomes law, it will be impossible to track all of the federal grant money with strings attached. 


Gun confiscation.  Mask and vaccine mandates.  Executive orders from DC.  We don’t want these mandates.


But if state legislators vote for federal grants that require enforcement, we’ll have no choice.


That’s what makes the state budget transparency law so important (SC Code: 11-11-90)... gives us a fighting chance to catch these dangerous mandates BEFORE they become law.


We can’t let them pass H.3605 to do away with state budget transparency.


  1. Kill the Corrupt Hugh Leatherman Port debt bill and avoid a statewide property tax hike


The state Senate voted to borrow $500 million to help build a port in Charleston named after Corrupt Hugh Leatherman.


It’s bad enough our politicians are voting to pile more debt on our backs – we’ll have to pay that back with interest.


This debt bill is so much worse than it sounds.


According to Article 10 of our state Constitution, if legislators can’t pay bondholders back when they want...


...a brand-new, statewide property tax automatically goes into effect.


The last thing we need now is a tax hike on all of our property. 


The Leatherman Port debt will get us one step closer.


Not only does your House member need to kill this debt bill, but they need to do away with this property tax provision in the state constitution.


Our property should never be collateral for our politicians’ bad debt schemes.


The only way any of these items are accomplished is if state politicians feel an enormous amount of pressure from y’all back home.


I can guarantee you that Corrupt Hugh Leatherman will be intimidating your legislators to borrow more of your money for HIS port.


I can say with certainty that without pressure from you, the state Senate will kill “permit-less” carry this year.


And there is a 100% chance of more mandates from the liberal goons in DC unless you demand YOUR state politicians stand up and fight to protect your rights.


FAN of SC wants to empower even more South Carolinians.


But we need your help.


Would you consider an “extra” donation before Wednesday so we can get an even bigger match grant for the end of the legislative session?


Every dollar helps.


Every dollar will be used to empower South Carolinians.


Thank you for supporting our work.


And thanks for even considering another donation.


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