Donor Update from FAN of SC

First, I want to personally thank you for financially supporting the mission of Freedom Action Network of South Carolina (FAN of SC) – it means a lot.


FAN of SC is a unique grassroots organization in two important ways:


  1. We’re the only group in the state that gives you the tools to fight corruption, take control of your government and advocate for freedom.


  1. We’re a South Carolina-based operation and only work on South Carolina issues. I live here.  I pay taxes here.  I go to church here.  My kids go to school here.  FAN of SC doesn’t get any money from the government, lobbyists or DC-based, national organizations that have some hidden agenda.


When we launched this organization two years ago, we had a lot of ideas and energy, but not a lot of money.


We set aggressive goals: empower y’all to win major battles in the legislature while rooting out corruption in the Statehouse.


Thankfully, South Carolinians like you believed in our mission and contributed…which has led to victories on both fronts.


Thanks to your financial support and activism, we’ve been able to grow faster than we ever thought possible.  Our text line, email list, and Facebook page inform tens of thousands of South Carolinians about what’s going on in the Statehouse.


But more importantly, your financial support gives them the ability to do something about it…


Whether it was killing the creepy “data warehouse” last year and the New Jersey-styled I-95 toll booth scheme this year, or forcing the Governor to fire Corrupt Hugh Leatherman’s son-in-law from the SCDOT in 2018, you have made a difference.


Hundreds of you across the state have stepped up to financially invest in our mission.


Starting today, I want to give you a regular update – a few times a year – on exactly what FAN of SC is doing with your money to advance our cause. 


We’re starting some exciting new projects.  And we’re partnering with other like-minded groups on the ground to achieve our goals.


YOU are the Freedom Action Network of South Carolina.  Without YOU, we are nothing.


This is YOUR movement to take back control of YOUR government. 


Should you have any questions, concerns or need help contacting your politicians, don’t hesitate to contact me.


Dave Schwartz

President, FAN of SC

(843) 990-3336 – cell phone






The bills our state legislators ADVANCED and PASSED this year shows how corrupt, how liberal, and how out of touch they really are.


Even more disturbing: the bills they REFUSED to pass...


...bills to protect the right to life...


...bills that would restore our 2nd Amendment rights...


...and bills that would protect our property rights.


Here are 5 short stories that accurately illustrate this year’s legislative session – and the priorities of our state legislators...CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL WRAP-UP.





Anyone who drives around our state knows, despite legislators passing the largest gas tax hike in state history, our roads are still crumbling.


Since the law passed in 2017, the politicians have taken an extra $750 million out of our pockets. 


Clearly, money isn’t the problem…


…the problem is a corrupt government structure.


Instead of repairing our roads like they promised, the politicians are funneling our money to their pet projects.


Our state legislators and the Governor appoint the SCDOT Commission.  The politicians control the bureaucrats who determine what roads get fixed and when they get fixed.


Many of you have reached out to us in frustration about dangerous roads and bridges in your communities.  We’ve highlighted a few of these roads with our “Watercooler Wednesday” videos on our Facebook page every week.


But if we really want to fix our roads, we’re going to have to cut out the middle man – SCDOT – and force the politicians who control the money to give us answers.  That would be your state legislators and Henry McMaster. 


On July 1st the state gas tax goes up by another 2-cents (the third of six 2-cent hikes). 


That same day, we’re launching a new project to empower citizens.  We’re going to use our “text-to-action” platform so youcan get answers directly from your state legislators and the Governor about when YOUR roads are going to get fixed. 


That pothole that destroys your shocks every day on the way to work…


That dangerous bridge you have to cross to drop your kid off at school…


That crumbling road that tears up your tires in front of your church…


By texting POTHOLE to 52886, you will be able to quickly ask your state legislators and Governor the following questions about specific roads and bridges you use the most:


  • Is this road or bridge on SCDOT’s priority list?
  • If it is, when will it be fixed?
  • If it isn’t, why not?


The only way our roads are going to be repaired is if our legislators and the Governor start feeling the heat for the condition of our roads.


Remember, they appoint the SCDOT Commissioners.  Many of them voted to take more of our money.  They approve the SCDOT budget every year.  The buck stops with them


No more excuses.  No more lip service. We want answers from our politicians who are ultimately accountable for our crumbling, dangerous roads.


As part of this plan, we’re also going to encourage activists to forward all responses from their politicians to us.  That way we can begin to keep track of their answers and hold them accountable for their promises on every road.


Our goal is simple: pressure the politicians in charge of the money to finally FIX OUR ROADS!


In order to reach a bigger audience for this project, we’re hosting “tax-free” gas giveaways at gas stations around the state.  FAN of SC will cover the federal and state tax (about 50-cents) on every gallon sold.


If you remember, we did these events during the gas tax hike debate in 2017… 


Drivers would line up for hours to get the discounted gasoline.  While they were waiting to fill up, FAN of SC volunteers pumped their gas and discussed how their state politicians were lying about the gas tax hike.


Local TV and radio stations love covering these events, which gives us a huge opportunity to reach a much bigger audience.


Unfortunately, holding these events aren’t cheap…


We want to cover the gas tax for as many folks as possible, as well as advertise the event on local radio and social media. That could cost us over $5,000.


Fortunately, a few donors have stepped up to help cover some, but not all, of these necessary costs.


Would you be interested in financially supporting this event?


$50, $100, $250 or even $1,000 could help us put on successful “tax free” gas station events and potentially empower thousands of South Carolinians to pressure their politicians to fix the roads.


I’ll keep you updated on the success of these “tax free” gas station events and how many folks took action. And if you want to attend one, check FAN of SC’s Summer Calendar below for details!







Becoming a monthly donor to FAN of SC helps us in a couple of different ways.


First, it helps us to plan in advance.  Thanks to many of you who have already committed to donating monthly, we knew we had the resources to put together our newest project “When Is My Road Getting Fixed?” and the tax-free gas station events that will spur action.


Second, it gives us flexibility to fight issues that we didn’t see coming…


…a perfect example during this year’s legislative session was the New Jersey-style toll booth plan on I-95.  That amendment was slipped into the Senate version of the budget at the last minute. 


Thankfully we were able to catch it, expose it and give y’all the tools to pressure your politicians to kill it.


Within hours of sending our text alert, email and posting Facebook ads, THOUSANDS of citizens were communicating with their state legislators and the Governor demanding they kill the tolls.


Thanks to your pressure Statehouse politicians were forced to take the toll plan out of the budget.


However, the cost of those alerts and ads weren’t in our budget.


But because of our monthly donors, we knew we had the ability to spend some extra money on an issue that was too important to ignore.


Click HERE to become a monthly donor to FAN of SC.


If you’re not already a monthly donor, I hope you’ll consider becoming one.