The Liberal Leadership is trying to lobby your state representative Bobby Cox to vote against your 2A rights behind closed doors right now

A weak, "watered-down" gun rights bill pushed by the liberal leadership was scheduled for debate on the House floor this afternoon. 

Their weak, “watered-down” bill still requires you to ask them permission for your God-given right to self-defense.

However, the weak, “watered-down” bill can be amended so that permits are OPTIONAL – not MANDATORY.

Your state representative needs to hear from you NOW.

They just adjourned for the day, but they will come back tomorrow.  Their liberal leaders are trying to kill the “permit-less” carry amendment.

Here's their cell phone number: 864-631-5840

Keep the pressure on them right NOW.

If you want, you can copy and paste our sample text below or write one of your own. 

I know you’re meeting behind closed doors right now with your liberal leadership. I live in your district and want you to introduce a permit-less carry amendment to the weak, watered-down gun rights bill and vote for passage today. I should never have to ask permission for a God-given right.  I am following this very closely. 

If you write your own message, be sure to let them know you live in their district.

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Here's their cell phone number: 864-631-5840


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