County Laws

*Please note: some counties only provide a few email addresses for County Council members. Some, such as Dillon and Jasper County (and others), do not provide ANY email addresses for County Council online. If your county is not listed, please reach out and we will provide the contact phone numbers for Council members if available.

Click on your home county to send emails to your local officials demanding answers about the "State of Emergency" laws in your county:







































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  • Milton Wiseman
    commented 2020-03-27 13:33:00 -0400
    Drip, drip. If this kind of power grab goes unanswered, just allowed to take place to be enacted then it has began, you are letting these little HITLER’S build their power bases, corrupt local law enforcement, lightweight mayor’s, you know like crazy Steve Benjamin and his half wit band of fools along with Richland county council crave power and if we sit by and allow it, well we are done as a free people. These socialist politicians love these times, they exercise unchecked, unlawful authority over free citizens and many of these citizens allow it for the so called greater good. Don’t be sheep, that’s un-american. Hold these criminals feet to the fire of the Constitution, then remove them at the next election. This has shown these people true color, their desire for unchecked power.
    Look, use common sense, and take precautions to stay well and avoid spreading this virus, but tell the political hacks to keep their hands and declared emergency to themselves, We The People will stay free, and do as we please without the Gestapo tactics allowed by your declaration. It’s called the Bill of Rights for a reason, Americans have NEVER suffered heavy handed politicians for long.