Demand Your State Sen. Wes Climer Restores Your Gun Rights by Passing "Permit-Less" Carry TODAY

A weak, watered-down bill (open carry with permission slip) is on the state Senate floor and will be debated any moment.


Here is your state Senator Wes Climer’s cell phone number: 803-752-0052


Now is the time to contact your state Senator Wes Climer and instruct them to do two simple things.


  1. Introduce a “permit-less” carry amendment to make the weak, watered-down bill stronger.


  1. Kill any filibuster by Democrats and weak Republicans after the bill is amended to “permit-less” carry” by voting for cloture.


They’re on the floor now.


Send a text.  Call your state Senator Wes Climer.


Make your voice heard.


Your text and/or call will probably be the last thing they see or hear before they vote to restore your 2nd Amendment right.


Remember, we should NEVER have to ask permission for a God-given right.


The House already passed “permit-less” carry.


The Governor promised he would sign “permit-less” carry into law.


If the state Senate passes “permit-less” carry before the end of next week, our gun rights will finally be restored.


Tell your state Senator Wes Climer to vote for “permit-less” carry.


Here is your state Senator Wes Climber’s cell phone number: 803-752-0052


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  • Seth Powell
    published this page 2021-05-03 10:24:28 -0400