Why Did Chris Wooten Vote for this Judge?

Yesterday in the Statehouse legislators appointed judges to the state bench.

One of the candidates was DeAndrea Benjamin - the wife of Columbia Mayor "Crazy" Steven Benjamin.

Remember, Steven Benjamin was the guy who helped the city of Columbia to pass the first local unAmerican, "red flag" gun confiscation law in the state.

Do you think it'd be a good idea to appoint his wife to the powerful Court of Appeals (where the Constitutionality of many gun laws could be decided)?

Your state Rep. Chris Wooten did.

Two days ago, he voted to appoint her to one of the highest courts in the state.

To see how Chris voted on the rest of the judges this week, click here.

Thankfully DeAndrea Benjamin was NOT appointed.

But the cousin of another powerful lawyer-legislator - House Ways & Means Committee Chairman Murrell Smith - was.


We're only one of two states in America where legislators unilaterally appoint judges.

It's a big reason why dangerously unqualified people get appointed to the bench.  Legislator's wives, their husbands, their cousins and even their law partners regularly get picked because of who they know...not what they know.

Call your state Representative Chris Wooten and ask him why he voted for "Crazy" Mayor Benjamin's wife.

Tell him to stop appointing politicians and their families.

Tell him to end this corrupt system where state legislators pick our judges.  It's time to follow the United States Constitution: the Governor nominates, and the state Senate confirms.

Here's his number: 803-609-1084


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