Your State Sen. Chip Campsen Voted Against "Permit-Less" Carry Yesterday

Yesterday, your state Senator Chip Campsen (a REPUBLICAN) voted to kill a strong “permit-less” carry amendment.


Chip Campsen had a chance to restore your gun rights by making a Concealed Weapons Permit OPTIONAL – not MANDATORY (otherwise known as “permit-less” carry).


But Chip Campsen teamed up with Democrats and 8 other weak Republicans to kill the amendment by a 25-21 vote.


Make no mistake – Chip Campsen killed the best chance you had at having your gun rights restored this year.


Their excuses?


“Restoring gun rights will hurt tourism…”


“Restoring gun rights will cause hate crimes…”


“Restoring gun rights will lead to the Wild Wild West…”


“Without the government certified training, people won’t know how to use their guns properly…”


The real reason Chip Campsen voted against restoring your gun rights?


Chip Campsen thinks they should decide how you’re allowed to defend yourself and your family in public.


Chip Campsen thinks your rights come from the politicians – not God.


That’s not conservative.


Remember, you should NEVER have to ask permission to exercise a God-given right.


Chip Campsen needs to hear from you right now.


Call him with a simple question:


“Why would you side with Democrats and other weak Republicans to kill the ‘permit-less’ carry amendment? That’s not conservative.”


If Chip Campsen doesn’t hear from you today, they’ll think you approve of them killing “permit-less” carry this year.


They’ll think they can get away with voting against your values.


Do not let that happen.


Call Chip Campsen right now.


Here’s his phone number: 803-212-6340


* Help FAN of SC spread the word about Chip Campsen's voting record. Click HERE.

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  • Seth Powell
    published this page 2021-05-06 10:54:48 -0400