Does Your State Rep. Mike Burns Want a Government Takeover of Healthcare?

Are you for a government takeover of our health care?


Your state Representative Mike Burns sure sounds like he is…


The Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) is a taxpayer-owned, legislator-controlled state government agency.


A new report reveals that MUSC is paying a consultant big bucks to build a new hospital in the Upstate.


Conservatives feared this would happen after Obamacare became law back in 2010…a government takeover of our health care.


And your state Representative Mike Burns – who appoints the Board of Trustees at MUSC – is lobbying for a major expansion of government-run healthcare into the Upstate.


In the report he said:


(MUSC) is a state agency and shouldn’t be all stuck in Charleston and the lower state…When you have more choices, you obviously have more choices for health care. You have a competition where your pricing can be more attractive to consumer. There are a lot of benefits to that.”


Taxpayer-subsidized government agencies like MUSC don’t “compete” with private sector businesses – they destroy them, drive up costs and eliminate choices.


Government agencies like MUSC may offer lower prices because the agency is subsidized by taxpayers.


Here are some quick facts about MUSC:


Here’s your state representative Mike Burns phone number: 864-906-6949


Ask him: Do you really think it’s a good idea for this corrupt, government agency to be expanding in the Upstate?


Do you think it’s a good idea to add even more debt and put us closer to an automatic, statewide property tax hike?


Do you think the government should be competing with private hospitals?


*Learn more about your state Representative Mike Burns - how he votes, how he makes a living, and who funds his campaigns. Click here.


*Help us spread the word about Mike’s voting record. Click here.



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