Your State Rep. Bruce Bryant Voted Against Your Gun Rights

This week your state Rep. Bruce Bryant voted against restoring your gun rights in a House Judiciary Committee hearing.


Instead of voting for an amendment that would have recognized your God-given right to defend yourself in public without a permission slip from the government – “permit-less carry” – Bruce Bryant sided with his liberal leadership and voted against the amendment that would have strengthened the weak "watered-down" bill.


Bruce Bryant needs to hear from you right now.


Call and ask him why he thinks you need to ask permission for your 2nd Amendment right.


Demand Bruce Bryant introduce the “permit-less” amendment when the bill goes to the House floor next week.


Don’t accept any of his lame excuses.


Don’t let Bruce Bryant tell you he can’t restore your God-given right to self-defense.


Don’t let him hide behind his liberal leadership…that he helped elect.


Give him a straight message: “Do whatever it takes to pass permit-less carry immediately. Anything less is too weak.”


Here’s his phone number: 803-493-3768



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  • Seth Powell
    published this page 2021-03-04 09:04:17 -0500