Your State Rep. Bobby Cox is Making Excuses for NOT Restoring Your Gun Rights

Over the years, politicians in the State House have created laws that infringed on your 2nd Amendment rights by making it more difficult to defend yourself in public.

Since the beginning of this year, thousands of your neighbors in Greenville have demanded state legislators restore your gun rights by passing a bill that:

  • Decriminalizes Open Carry of a handgun
  • Makes a Concealed Weapons Permit (CWP) optional, and
  • Recognizes CWP holders from every other state

But for the last five weeks, your state Rep. Bobby Cox (R - Greenville) has ignored you.

Instead of restoring your gun rights, Cox is supporting a "watered-down" bill pushed by the liberal leadership in the State House.

In a recent article, Cox said he thinks you should have to wait a few years before having your gun rights restored.

"A few years"??

How many people will be left defenseless against a criminal's attack in the next "few years"?

In another article, Bobby said he even thinks his liberal "leadership" in Columbia should decide how and when you can defend yourself in public.

The right to self-defense comes from God - not politicians like Bobby Cox in Columbia.

What is Bobby Cox getting in return from leadership for fighting for this "watered-down" bill instead of taking a giant step towards restoring your gun rights?

You would think that with the threats coming from DC and Republicans having a 2-1 supermajority in the State House, NOW would be the time our politicians pass a sweeping restoration of our 2nd Amendment rights.

Instead, politicians like Bobby Cox are making excuses for passing a "watered-down" bill.

He needs to hear from you right now.

Tell him his lame excuses for following his liberal leadership are unacceptable.

Tell him he works for you - not his liberal leadership.

Tell him to restore your gun rights right now by passing H.3039.

Anything less is TOO WEAK.

Here's his cell phone number: 864-631-5840



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  • Seth Powell
    published this page 2021-02-11 10:07:26 -0500