Your State Rep. Bobby Cox Sold You Out on Restoring Your Gun Rights

Yesterday, your state Rep. Bobby Cox (a “REPUBLICAN”) killed the strongest and best chance restore your gun rights this year.

He had a chance to strengthen a weak, watered-down gun bill (open carry with “training”) by voting to make the amend the bill to “permit-less” carry.

Instead, he cowered to his liberal leadership and voted to kill the strong, “permit-less” carry amendment.

Remember we should NEVER have to ask permission of our God-given right to self-defense. 

Sadly, Bobby followed his liberal leadership in Columbia and voted to keep the permission slip mandate.

He says he cut a deal with the liberal leadership to debate “another bill” NEXT MONTH that will restore your gun rights…but there’s no guarantee that bill even comes up for a vote.

Knowing this, why would he vote against restoring your rights?

Make no mistake – Bobby Cox wasted the best opportunity to restore your gun rights this year.

Your state representative Bobby Cox needs to hear from you right now.

Call or text and tell him: 864-631-5840

State Rep. Bobby Cox, I live in your district. I am very angry you chose to cower to your liberal leadership instead of voting to pass permit-less carry yesterday.  I shouldn’t have to wait another day to have my gun rights restored, but you sold me out. Why?  Why would you cut a deal with your liberal leadership instead of just restoring my rights yesterday?  I am not going to forget this vote.

Now the weak “watered-down” bill goes to the Senate.

After you call/text Bobby Cox, get in touch with your state Senator.

Demand they amend the weak “watered-down” bill to include permit-less carry.

Demand they prioritize the restoration of your God-given rights.

Tell them anything less than “permit-less” carry is too weak.

Click here to send your state senator a direct message.


*Help FAN of SC expose Bobby Cox’s voting record. Click here.

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