Why Did Your State Rep. Lin Bennett Vote to Eliminate the State Budget Transparency Law?

Promotional websites describe the Sumter Opera House (in the city of Sumter, SC) as “an iconic venue” that enriches the “cultural lives” of visitors by “promoting diverse creative experiences.”


Why am I telling you this?


Because your tax dollars are subsidizing “renovations” to the Sumter Opera House.


Earlier this summer, your state Rep. Lin Bennett used the secretive budget process to funnel $15 million for “renovations” to the Sumter Opera House (SC Budget Section 118.18.77).


If folks in Sumter want to upgrade their “world-famous” Opera House, they can charge the patrons extra money for a ticket to the next show.


But the $15 million of our tax dollars wasn’t about Opera and the arts.


The Opera House also houses Sumter City Hall and the Sumter City Councilmen’s offices.


This taxpayer-funded pet project in the state budget was about upgrading the offices of local Sumter politicians.


One of the powerful state legislators that lobbied for this pet project was House Ways & Means Committee Chairman Murrell “Money-scam” Smith.  Last year he received a major contract from local politicians in the city of Sumter.


How did they get away with this?


Because legislators write the state budget in secret.


They spend our money behind closed doors.


And they horse-trade pet projects with other politicians in the Statehouse.


In fact, this year your state representative Lin Bennett voted for a pro-corruption bill (H.3605) that repealed the long-standing state budget transparency law.


Repealing the transparency law leads to more corruption and politicians getting rich on our backs.


Your state representative Lin Bennett needs to hear from you today.


Call and/or text them and demand an answer to this question:


Why did you vote for the pro-corruption bill H.3605?  Why did you vote to repeal the state budget transparency law?


Demand your state representative Lin Bennett stop using the secret budget process to steal our money for pet projects.


Here’s their phone number: 843-571-6330


*Find out more about Lin Bennett – their voting record, who funds their campaign, and how they make a living. Click here.


*Help FAN of SC spread the word about Lin Bennett’s voting record. Click here.

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