Is Your State Rep. Bruce Bannister Profiting from Taxpayer-Funded Convention Center?

The current Greenville Convention Center, conveniently located off Pleasantburg Road, continues to serve the community well.


However, your state representative Bruce Bannister has used the secretive budget process for the last several years to funnel tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to build a brand-new convention center and art museum downtown.

So why is Bruce so obsessed with this pet project? 


It’s a good question to ask your state representative Bruce Bannister.


Here’s what we know about this shady deal:



  • In exchange for the land “gift”, the politically-connected developers will maintain the right to build and profit from the land surrounding the new, taxpayer-funded convention center and art museum.


  • One of the politically-connected developers is also a major campaign donor of Bruce Bannister’s.




Here’s what we don’t know:


Does your state representative Bruce Bannister have a business relationship with his donor – the politically-connected developer that will profit from this taxpayer-funded convention center/art museum?


Will your state representative Bruce Bannister’s law firm handle any of the real estate transactions for this deal?

This could all be a coincidence.


However, because state legislators aren’t legally required to disclose all of their income sources...


...your state representative Bruce Bannister may be profiting from this taxpayer-funded deal.


If Bruce Bannister is laundering your hard-earned tax money into his pocket, you should know.


Call and/or text your state representative Bruce Bannister right now and ask him point blank: “Do you have a business relationship with the new, taxpayer-funded convention center developers?  Are they clients of your law firm?  Are you profiting from my tax dollars on this deal?”


Don’t hesitate to let us know what he says.


Here’s his cell phone number: 864-567-9521


*Want to learn more about Bruce, his voting record and campaign donors? Click here.


*Help FAN of SC spread the word about Bruce Bannister. Click here.


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  • Rex OSteen
    commented 2021-07-26 15:38:56 -0400
    We need to monitor the costs of this project, as with ALL government spending to look for & punish unjust enrichment. Data analytic capabilities exist to monitor us Let’s turn it around to monitor government. Electric current follows the path of least resistance- change & repair the circuit, not the current.
  • Seth Powell
    published this page 2021-07-22 15:11:27 -0400