Demand Your State Rep. William Bailey Fix YOUR Roads

Four years after state legislators passed the largest gas tax hike in state history, a new report card gives our roads a grade of “D”.


Using records directly from SCDOT, the American Society of Engineers estimates that over half of all state-maintained roads need to be “completely rebuilt.”


Since state legislators voted for the gas tax hike in 2017:


  • The legislature has collected an extra $2 billion (with a “b”) from us – just from the new gas tax hike, not counting the old gas tax that they still collect
  • Nearly $1 billion is rotting away in SCDOT’s reserve fund
  • Our state gas tax has increased from 16.75-cents/gallon to 26.75-cents/gallon…and will increase another 2-cents/gallon again next year
  • State legislators also jacked up the vehicle sales tax, vehicle registration fee and driver’s license fee


Money is NOT the reason our roads are still crumbling…the politicians in the Statehouse have plenty of our money.


Corruption is the reason our roads are still crumbling.


The company of the most powerful politician in the state – Senate Finance Committee Chairman Corrupt Hugh Leatherman – has received over $50 million in SCDOT contracts.


The gas tax was never about fixing our roads. 


It’s just a scam to enrich powerful politicians.


Who can you hold accountable for this failure?


Start with your state Representative William Bailey.


Along with your state Senator and Governor Henry McMaster, they appoint and control the SCDOT Commissioner in our area.


Along with your state Senator and Governor Henry McMaster, they approve SCDOT’s budget every year.


And state Representative William Bailey works directly for you.


In another report released earlier this week, a group claimed that 53% of EXISTING Grand Strand area roads are in “poor or mediocre” condition.


If state politicians focused less time on trying to spend billions to build BRAND-NEW roads – like Interstate 73…


…and more time telling their appointees at SCDOT to fix our EXISTING roads, we would be in much better shape.


Here’s your state Rep. William Bailey’s phone number: 843-458-0844


Call or text them to fix your roads.  Tell them that they shouldn’t spend another nickel to build new roads until our existing roads get fixed first. 


*Learn more about William Bailey – how they vote, who funds their campaigns and more. Click here.


*Help FAN of SC spread the word about William Bailey’s voting record. Click here.

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