Your State Rep. Ashley Trantham Voted for Illegal State Budget

This week your state Rep. Ashley Trantham voted for the illegal state budget.

Once again, state legislators refused to follow the state budget transparency law (SC Code Section 11-11-90). They did not hold joint, open hearings on the Governor’s budget as the law requires.

Instead, they decided how to spend our money in small, obscure meetings only lobbyists and politicians know about – and most working South Carolinians can’t attend.

The result of breaking the state budget transparency law?

In addition to the corruption and pork, Ashley Trantham’s vote in favor of the entire illegal state budget means more taxpayer-funded subsidies to Planned Parenthood – the largest abortion provider in the nation. 

State government employees with health insurance provided by taxpayers can use Planned Parenthood services.

Ashley Trantham needs to hear from you right now.

Call and/or text and tell them their vote for the illegal state budget is unacceptable to you.

Tell Ashley Trantham we need MORE transparency not less when it comes to our tax dollars.  Tell them they need to follow the state budget transparency law (SC Code: 11-11-90).

Here’s their phone number: 864-704-1058


*Help FAN of SC spread the word about Ashley Trantham’s voting record. Click here.


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  • Seth Powell
    published this page 2021-03-26 14:06:47 -0400