Dangerous roads and bridges, soaring college tuition and electricity bills, high taxes, huge debt, and one of the worst school systems in the country...

Why is this happening in South Carolina?

Why do we pay so much, but get so little in return?

Why is our government failing us?

The structure of our state government is uniquely corrupt. State politicians in BOTH parties are using their positions of power to personally enrich themselves at our expense.

This isn't just "how politics works."

An unconstitutional amount of power is in the hands of a few legislators that you've never heard of and who live a hundred miles away. There is no separation of powers like the Founding Fathers laid out in our original American documents.

This breeds secrecy and corruption.

It's why we have NEVER had a substantial tax cut. It's why we don't protect the unborn or our gun rights. It's why we don't get to choose our power companies or where we send our kids to school. It's why they build new roads we don't need, but won't fix the ones we already have.

This won't be solved by self-policing, legislative "Ethics" Committees.

And a "white knight" politician, from DC or South Carolina, isn't going to ride in and save us.

These are potentially very serious crimes that are at the root of why our state government doesn't reflect our values.

They've stolen our individual power and it's time to take it back!

The Freedom Action Network of South Carolina (FAN of SC) exists to give YOU the tools to fight corruption, take back control of your state government and advocate for freedom.

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