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Restore gun rights, fix roads, and end corruption
Find Your State Legislators
Find out how they vote, who funds their campaign, how they make a living, etc.
Help FAN of SC empower South Carolinians to hold their state politicians accountable

Our Mission

Freedom Action Network of South Carolina (FAN of SC) exists to remove obstacles preventing South Carolinians from pressuring their politicians.

In a matter of minutes, we can:

  • Connect you directly with your state politicians on issues you care about
  • Show you how your state legislators vote in the State House, who funds their campaigns and how they make a living
  • Alert you when they’re meeting in public so you can attend
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Where Your Legislator Stands

Gun rights are under attack in South Carolina.   Just a few months ago, state legislators passed a "gun bill" that allows local cities and municipalities to restrict your right... Seth Powell Seth Powell Oct 18, 2021

Republican Gun Control

South Carolina Republicans in DC voted for bill with unAmerican “red flag” gun confiscation law last week   GOP state legislators buried infringements in new “Open Carry... Seth Powell Seth Powell Oct 18, 2021

Powerful Politicians

New research shows how South Carolina legislators have the most power of any state politicians in America   Bureaucrats that oversee local schools, elections and... Seth Powell Seth Powell Oct 18, 2021